It’s Dec & Ant! – Ant & Dec Swap Places On Sky News

After winning three National Television Awards for Best Presenter, Best Entertainment Programme (Saturday Night Takeaway) and Best Challenge Show (I’m A Celebrity…Get Me Out Of Here!), before receiving an OBE from Prince Charles, it’s fair to say legendary TV presenters Ant & Dec have had a very surreal week.

Ant & Dec with their OBEs

But nothing more surreal than this.

Talking about their OBEs on Sky News, news presenter Gillian Joseph asked Ant & Dec to stand the other way round. The result was weird as hell.

The joke came from the fact that Dec’s name came first in the OBE honours list. The list is written alphabetically according to the surnames of the people due to receive the prestigious title, hence ‘Donnelly‘ comes before ‘McPartlin‘. Although it’s much more fun to imagine Prince Charles was just trying to troll Ant & Dec.

As expected, the internet reacted badly to Ant & Dec swapping places. Some fans even took to blocking the Sky News Twitter account:

Others criticised them for ‘breaking the rules’ – IE that Ant always comes before Dec:

One tweeter even found this scandal so shocking that he flicked over to another channel:

Somehow Sky News have created a bigger nationwide concern than Brexit. Perhaps it’s time for another referendum: should Ant & Dec stay as Ant & Dec, or is it time for a change? #Dexit, anyone?

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