Is Lucha Underground Heading to Netflix?

Hey readers it’s the Perry White and Jonah J Jameson of Pop Culture Pipe Bomb, me Skatronixxx here to address the latest rumours that are swirling around the BEST wrestling show on the planet, sorry WWE and NJPW fans but it’s true it’s damn true!

If you don’t know who or what Lucha Underground is check out my last article here,  *waits for you to go and read article* still not convinced, well meh!

Arguably the greatest setback of  Lucha Underground is the fact that it is not easy to watch. In America you can watch it on the El Rey Network.but outside of the America you’d struggle to find it anyway other than YouTube . For us hardcore fans we don’t mind trawling through endless videos to find the latest episode but the casual fan won’t know where to find it, despite how much we tell them too (yes Michael that’s you!).

Not only that,  but the El Rey network is not available throughout America, you can’t even view it in Boyle Heights aka The Temple! It would be like living down the round from Madison Square Garden and not being able to watch WWE it doesn’t make sense. Air you content in the area you film it, build up your fanbase locally and then go national, the fact that LU has been able to grow the show despite it’s limited reach is a sign of how much potential it has.

So the although the news that Lucha Underground is potentially partnering with Netflix can only be a great thing for both parties involved, it means that non netflix subscribers will get Netflix to watch the show (me included) and currently Netflix subscribers will potentially get into the show too. Either way the viewer count is sure to sky rocket!

Will it happen? Well all signs point to maybe, yes I know that’s not a answer you were expecting to hear but let me explain, Netflix has wanted a wrestling show for a few years now, it was in talks with TNA a while back but pulled the plug. This move however makes much more sense.

MAKE IT HAPPEN! You have never disappointed me before Lucha Underground don’t let me down know, I’m counting on you, lets hope it’s not the 3 count with me being the one with my shoulders to the mat.

In the mean time check out some of Lucha Underground’s best moments below and hope like me they’ll be coming to a Netflix near you!

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