Is a Charmed Reboot in The Works on The CW?


Seriously, another Reboot? When will this end? I mean it seems like no one has any good ideas anymore for TV or movies, so they continue to “reboot” old shows or movies. And here again, they are messing with a personal favorite, Charmed.

The long running season about the Halliwell sisters and their lives as witches and women growing together and fighting the forces of evil. And freaking awesome, yes this show rocked my world. I was obsessed and watched it religiously, never missing an episode while watching all the re-runs in the mornings on TNT. The series started in October of 1998 and continued until May of 2006, which ended the 8th season, and then a comic that continued with the 9th season followed this. Alyssa Milano/ Phoebe, Holly Marie Combs/ Piper, Shannon Doherty/Pru and Rose McGowen as Paige played the sisters. They even had some special appearances by some famous faces (like Buff Bagwell from WCW) and made way for Julian McMahon and his hand in the movie world, (Dr Doom guys.)

Well to my dismay, The CW is talking about a reboot… A reboot? Why? The show was great as it was, and really isn’t that old right? Well, it is 10 years since the showed aired…. But still, so far most reboots have been from the 80s, this doesn’t fall in the “reboot” franchise if you ask me. The woman who has her eyes on this prize is executive producer Jennie Snyder Urman from Jane the Virgin, and according to E!News “its being called a reimagining”, not quite reboot. Basically a prequel to the sisters, which focus on 3 ladies in their 20s with different events going on in their lives.

So OK, this I won’t be angry with, but if they try and replace the Halliwell sisters with new faces and different stories, I am going to be livid. Just saying. What do you guys think? ^_^

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