Invader Zim is Returning to TV With a New TV Movie!

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Invader Zim, a loveable, demented, and an insane alien is coming back after a long hiatus. This show which to be honest was a guilty pleasure of mine as I could only watch it when my mom wasn’t around has always been something I’ve enjoyed. I felt so cool giving myself an Invader Zim styled email address, and I even had an Invader Zim shirt which when I wore it would drive my mother mad.

To see Zim return isn’t a small feat as it did end years ago. But, with the advent of the return of classic Nick shows it does seem like a show worth bringing back in some form. Even Hey Arnold is getting a TV movie in the future. Now, for the uninformed, Invader Zim is about an alien who comes from space and hopes to take over the Earth. He is a little stupid, and his higher ups don’t really think highly of him. In fact, they all believe there is no way he will accomplish the task but send him on it, so he leaves them alone.

Film & TV

Accompanying him is the loveable robot Gir who to fit in dresses up as a dog. This robot truly took over the show as he is just so hilarious, from his love of his tacos to his happy song, this character created his own fan base. Alongside these two anti-heroes are Diz and Gaz, a pair of siblings. Diz is also quite stupid and wants to help his father prove that there are aliens out there. He knows that Zim is an alien, but no one will believe him, save maybe his sister. His sister Gaz just really doesn’t care at all.

Rounding out this cast of main characters are Diz and Gaz’s scientist Dad, a terrible teacher, and a classroom of misfits. Hopefully, this movie is just as good as the fantastic TV series. Glad to see a revival of sorts coming to old Nickelodeon shows as kids today deserve to watch the shows that made childhood for us so great.

Watch these Teasers below for a taste of what is to come. Here’s hoping Invader Zim actually does something useful for his alien leaders.

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