Introducing Toothville – A Kickstarter Funded Comic

The survival of Toothville lies in the hands of social reject Tilda Hillfairy and her cat Slinky in this all ages modern fairytale.

Yes! A comic book about tooth fairies, it may not sound like the usual topic to basic a comic on but Toothville is no usual comic. It is the combined brain child of Chris AllenKim Roberts and Gabe Ostley.

Chris Allen had this to say about the comic:-

‘ Your everyday tale of a useless tooth fairy and her constant battle against a megalomaniac dentist and his nurse. Did I mention there’s also a swamp witch in there? and a sarcastic cat? Oh, well yeah, they’re along for the ride too.’

If you’re not sold on this check out the images below.


What I like about this book is the attention detail especially things such as the blades on the windmill being toothbrushes and the stones being teeth. With that attention to detail imagine how good the story could be.


Hilda needs YOUR HELP!

Yes Hilda needs you to help save Toothville. You see Chris, Kim and Gabe not only have come up with an awesome idea and awesome characters but they need your help to make the dream a reality.

Come visit thier Kickstarter campaign HERE come on people dig deep, help support your fellow indie comic writers and help make thier dreams a reality!

After all we have all lost our teeth and would’t we want a fairy like Tilda to sprinkle a little fairy dust in our lives?

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