Impact Wrestling Unveils it’s New Logo

TNA otherwise known as Total Non Stop Action Wrestling, TNA Wrestling, Impact Wrestling, TNA Impact, TNA Impact Wrestling chose to unveil it’s new logo at the recent television tapings in Florida.

It’s been no secret to wrestling fans that Panda Energy aka Dixie Carter’s daddy’s company were wanting to sell TNA for years, it had reached the point that WCW had when Ted Turner wanted to sell, except this time Vince McMahon did not want TNA and to be honest I agree. Although TNA has had it’s moments of sheer brilliance through out the years and ran WWE close during WWE’s commitment to the abysmal PG-ERA with it’s edgy, unique style, it was never able to get over that hump so to speak and come out as a rival to the juggernaut of pro wrestling that is WWE.

Everytime TNA found itself a good thing rather than waiting for someone to stab the knife in their back, they rather intriguingly chose to do it themselves. I mean look at the current WWE and NXT rosters, people are crying out over people such as AJ Styles, Samoa Joe and Bobby Roode and even to a lesser extent Eric Young, all of which who were the poster boys of TNA. Why did you let them go, you fools! Although I’m glad to see the above mentioned talents flourish on a later stage it was truly a case of TNA’s loss was WWE’s gain. If Kurt Angle goes ¬†back to WWE, TNA you are FOOLS!

Just as they were gaining momentum with the six sided ring they went to a four sided one, when they were getting recognition with former indie and ROH standouts they wasted their budget and almost bankrupted themselves on the likes of Hulk Hogan and Eric Bischoff.

Don’t get me wrong this is not a post aiming at bashing TNA, this is what TNA does to you it zaps you of all your passion and emotion but it still manages to get your attention and this is where the new logo comes in.

Now that Panda Energy have FINALLY sold TNA to new owners Anthem Media a change was inevitable.

Perhaps it’s fitting that the new logo featues a bird, is it meant to be a phoenix (what is that bird help me out here!) rising from the ashes to symbolise TNA, I mean Impact Wrestlings rebirth? Only time will tell!


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