How WWE Should Bring The Hardy Boyz Back at Wrestlemania 33 vs. The New Day

The BEST tag team in WWE History.

Hey, guys! Sunny here,  now, I don’t know about you but, when I think of THE BEST tag team in WWE history, it’s the high-flying, risk-taking, hardcore tag team the Hardy Boyz. Though the WWE has another team in mind, a team that has broken records and is probably one of the more over teams right now. This team has beat the Demolition’s 28-year-old record of a 483-day reign with the WWE Tag Team titles and are openly promoting a booty cereal in a society where we are eating the booty like groceries. That’s right, The New Day. Great for them, they’re officially in the history books, and it is well deserved. On the other hand, The Hardys have taken some of the nastiest bumps and beatings I have ever witnessed, and no one can argue against that, literally giving their blood, sweat and tears to the WWE. They absolutely deserve the title of “the longest reigning tag team champs”.

Wrestlemania 33

I’m pretty sure you see where I’m going with this. At Fastlane 2017 The New Day announces they will be hosting Wrestlemania 33 while pushing around a cart of their skeet ice cream. Picture this, during New Day’s last promo of the show, and they’re in the ring doing some ridiculous dance about booty Os or skeet ice cream. The lights go out, and you hear grand piano music. White lights following the symphonic, ominous and twisted theme music of the broken ones. Lights flash back on Matt & Jeff Hardy take out  Xavier Woods, Matt hits Kofi Kingston with a twist of fate, and they both gang up on Big E in the corner while the crowd is screaming DELETE! DELETE! DELETE! Matt hits another twist of fate on Langston, Jeff goes up on the top rope and hits him with a Swanton bomb.


The New Day

There it is, that’s how WWE should debut the Hardys. Face it, they are the MOST over tag team in the world, and they deserve the stage of Wrestlemania 33 with their phenomenal work with Ring of Honor as well as establishing their great characters on Total Impact Wrestling. Plus, I’m sure this would get a bigger pop than John Cena & Nikki Bella vs. The Miz & Maryse amiright?. After Wrestlemania 33 the Hardys go on to beat Anderson & Gallows, break New Day’s streak and go down as the best tag team in WWE history as they absolutely deserve it. So how about it? Am I over hyping the Hardy Boyz? Should the WWE give them the grand stage? Do you want the Hardys to come to WWE?

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