How To Make A Bad Ass Batman Guitar (Nerd Approved Site)


Being that I own a custom made Superman guitar that it seemed only fitting that I take on an article about ‘how to make a Batman guitar’. Granted I did not make the Superman guitar, in fact, my brother, who I was also in a band with, made it for me. But to learn how to make one is pretty sweet.

You can find the instructions for this sweet idea on a site called, and I am probably not going to be the first one to try this since I don’t feel I am qualified enough in the woodworking department. The instructions are not very detailed, but he does show us pictures of every step he takes in creating this rocking guitar.

Check out these images though, oh my goodness. Now I am not a huge Batman fan in the least, but I would not mind owning a gorgeous piece like this guitar. Check out the details and the images on the back of the guitar. Wow just wow.

You can have fun with this or other ideas on the Nerdapproved website and let me know what you think of this beauty. FYI my Superman guitar is nowhere near as badass as this Batman one, but I love my baby just the same. ^_^

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