Hidden Cabins Has Dropped Their New Video Single ‘Bet It All On You.’

Hidden Cabins hails from the Northern reaches of New Jersey, USA. The creative duo which consists of Craig Cirinelli (Vocals/Hand Percussion) and Brian Hofgesang (Guitars/Effects/Vocals) have unleashed their new video single ‘Bet It All On You ‘ on the world. And what an exceptional and beautiful musical experience it is.

Music Submission - 'Bet It All On You'

Bet It All On You ‘ with accompanying cinemagraph from Kayla Surico takes you on a slow building musical journey through Hidden Cabins trademark emotive & melodic vocals along with raw acoustic guitar tones and their collaborative intentions to mould dark, brooding alternative folk/rock. ‘Bet It All On You ‘ has more instrumentation than their previous releases. Hidden Cabin is embarking on an instinctive shift in their sonic direction.

Music Submission - 'Bet It All On You'

Hidden Cabins song-crafting chemistry has evolved organically over several years of their partnership. In which time, the guys have released records via various credible indie labels and have embarked on a tour of the US, UK, Canada and Spain. I think you guys are going to love Hidden Cabins beautiful, bold, gritty and instrumental track ‘Bet It All On You.’ The guys have a blue-collar element to their sound, it’s honest, rich and soulful. ‘Bet It All On You ‘ is as satisfying as it is visually stunning. Head to Bandcamp and support this awesome indie band Hidden Cabins, they are sublimely talented, and I highly recommend you check out their other tracks, I’m telling you, you need them on your playlist! Would love to see them over here in Australia! You will find all the of the links for Hidden Cabins below.

Watch and listen to ‘Bet It All On You’ Below







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