Henry Cavill Joins Mission Impossible 6

Do you fantasize about Henry Cavill in a Mission Impossible movie? (or is it just me) Well, ladies, fantasize no more. It looks like our Man of Steel is going to hang up his cape for a minute and try his hand in some Mission Impossible stuff.

In some recent Instagram tags between the director Christopher McQuirre of the M-I 6 movie and Mr. Cavill himself, it’s clear that there was some discussion about Supe’s joining the agents. And how sexy is that image…. MMMM boy.

Now we know he is capable of doing agent roles since he played one in the awesome, hilarious movie The Man from U.N.C.L.E, so there is no question if he can handle working in this type of atmosphere. But can he hang with the movie’s lead man Tom Cruise? I think he can, and I am not just saying this because I am super excited to see these two lovely men side by side in a movie together.. (That is something dreams are made of)… Henry will be working along side others as well, including Rebecca Ferguson, and Jeremy Renner. The film will hit theatres in July of 2018.

Though it’s not clear yet what part he will play, it is clear that he will be part of the next Mission Impossible movie. So let’s all be extremely happy for this considering it’s Henry Cavill, and he should be in a suit, and it will be yummy. ^_^


News Source: Instagram.com and Deadline.com

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