We Review the Latest Episode of Gotham: Mad City SN03 EP13 – ‘Smile Like You Mean It’


The psychos who worship Jerome are going to pick him up. Their inside guy lets them in and they march to their crazed hero who is cryogenically frozen. Hasn’t changed a bit, and that is a good thing.

The act is quickly shown to have worked as the cops arrive. It turns out all of Indian Hill was brought back to a Wayne enterprises facility. Of course Wayne enterprises still has control over all of these things, the Court controls them.

A creep who has a past with Selina’s mom comes calling on Bruce for payment. One of the Jerome lovers is found and brought in by Gordon to find out what he knows. This certainly will not turn out well for anyone against Jerome.

Babs is talking to Penguin to help him out. She really is doing it for her own needs but he doesn’t need to know that yet. Selina’s mother isn’t thrilled with taking Bruce’s money. When she suggests she leave Selina is okay with it. Though it is a little fishy that she suddenly appeared, I’m probably mistaken though.

Gordon and Bullock learn from Lucius that they know where Jerome is being revived. There is even a cop in the group. Jerome isn’t alive yet and some people are worried. He cuts off Jerome’s face and wears it.

When he wears it before his friends, they are less then happy. He soon brings them to a tizzy by making them all believe they are Jerome. In the Gotham lab Jerome’s hand twitches.

Babs tell Oswald he should kill a few of his followers. He figures it out and flips out on her. One of his men calls him and tells him they are done. If he does anything Nygma dies, this of course makes Penguin crazy all according to plan.

After injecting the bad cop with truth serum Lee tells Gordon to never touch her again. The crazed leader of the Jerome gang causes chaos as Jerome wakes up and takes Lee hostage

Jerome has really gone off the deep end. He talks to Lee and learns about what happened. He learns that Gordon killed Galavan. Upset that Galavan was reborn twice he asks where his face is. The cops arrive at the news station and see it is taken over by the Jeromites. These clown-like baddies certainly give off a Joker vibe,  could Jerome really be the real Joker?

Selina’s mother brings the money to the creep and we find out they were working together. Selina comes in disgusted by what they are doing.

Gordon talks to the leader of the Jeromites and tells him to let the hostages go. Penguin has killed the Duke and has really destroyed his standing.  Babs and Tabitha are happy especially since Tabitha gets to kill. Babs tells Nygma Penguin is all his.

Jerome leaves Lee tied up and goes to cause chaos. He kills a man with his car as Gordon sneaks into the news station with his team. They take out many of the goons and soon capture their leader.

Bruce is training when Selina comes in upset asking what Bruce knew. Bruce lied to Selina and she tries to fight him but he defends himself. Selina leaves Bruce sad from the whole thing.

Gordon gets a call from Lee about Jerome but is too late and Jerome has taken the Jeromites leader. Jerome staples his face back on and his friend is worried about what he will do. Of course stealing the face of a homicidal maniac is never the right thing to do.

Penguin is looking for Nygma and no one can find him. He calls him and tells him that he is at Kane chemicals. Jerome ties up his friend and is going to take him out. He urges everyone to cause mass chaos.  True to form Jerome tells him he is none too happy that he stole his face. A massive explosion takes out the power plant and plunges the city into a blackout. The Jeromites are going to take down the city.

This was certainly a solid episode and I am stoked for the winter finale. Bruce looks like he is finally going to man up and facing the man who really could be his eternal adversary is the perfect thing to do.

The Good
  • This episode was explosive, Jerome is back, Lee is done with Jim, Penguin is losing his mind and its all going according to plan for the Riddler, The black out at the end shows we are in for one amazing Winter Finale!
The Bad
  • Penguin is still too quick to be tricked,
5 Essential

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