Gotham to Bring in a Heavy Hitter With the Appearance of Ra’s Al Ghul

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Young Bruce (David Mazouz) is growing as are his enemies. While these foes haven’t donned their comic book appearance yet, we are getting introduced to one of Bruce’s greatest foes. Ra’s Al Ghul is coming to Gotham, even though in the comics this character doesn’t enter into play till later. In Batman Begins this was changed when Liam Neeson portrayed the character and became one of Bruce’s teachers.

Playing this character will be Alex Siddig who most recently was a member of the Game of Thrones cast. After seeing the real birth of the Riddler (Cory Michael Smith), it will be interesting to see such a character make an appearance. There is no doubt that this man will pose a bigger threat for Bruce and Gotham then some of the other villains the characters have faced before.

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If you are out of the loop, Ra’s Al Ghul is a man who is immortal. Wading in a pool of eternal youth, he can keep himself strong and thus makes for quite the force. Even Batman has trouble with him, especially if he can keep near to the spring. It will certainly be interesting to see how this two interact, maybe they won’t actually fight physically. They could certainly have a tussle of the mind as Bruce isn’t yet the fighter he will become in the future.

All I know is, Gotham is coming back on April 24th with the Riddler. Ra’s will make his name known throughout the city soon enough, and with Siddig portraying him, I think he will really bring darkness to Gotham.

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