Gotham Season 3’s Second Half ‘Hero Rises’ Trailer Begins the Birth of Batman!

When a trailer for a show that has been off the air even just for a winter break comes out, it always sure to impress. This new trailer of Gotham Season 3’s Second Half is no exception. In this trailer, we see Bruce Wayne(David Mazouz) begin training in earnest and learning from two men who will help shape him. Of course, we already know Alfred(Sean Pertwee), but in this trailer, we are introduced to Ra’s Al Ghul(Alexander Siddig). For those uninformed, Ra’s is an immortal man and is also the father of Batman‘s future love Talia and the mother of his son Damian, though that is a far way’s off.

It has already been confirmed through interviews that Ra’s will be an antagonist to Bruce in some way. He is a cunning man and his niceness could all be a ruse. It makes sense as this trailer also showed off Bruce’s clone who is clearly out for blood. Ra’s is the true leader behind the Court of Owls and the League of Shadows, so he has been pulling strings for who knows how long.

All I know is, I am excited for this new batch of episodes, it is high time for Bruce to step up. While he has been training hard already, this looks to be a time when he is actually going to put it to use. There were scenes that showed him at the start of the series and of the coming episodes. This Bruce Wayne is no longer the sniveling baby he was then, he will now be able to do great things, and that is a sign of the Batman he will be in the future.

Of course, we will also see Jim Gordon (Ben McKenzie) dole out justice, Cat(Camren Bicondova) cause mischief and The Riddler(Cory Michael Smith) cause major chaos as he truly takes on his future role.  There will be no shortage of characters and we will definitely see some amazing action in the coming weeks.

This trailer does exactly what it is supposed to do, and that is to build excitement for the new half of the season which should bring out all the rest episodes without a week’s break in between. You can watch the trailer below and look forward to Gotham’s return on April 24th!


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