Funko Unveils Figures For…Well Just About Everything

It’s probably easier nowadays to count the franchises Funko haven’t made toys from and after a slew of announcements over the past few days, that list just got a whole lot shorter. With characters from cult TV such as Twin Peaks, to popular video game series like Overwatch and Mass Effect, Funko’s got em all. Below you’ll find a comprehensive gallery of everything Funko announced at the London Toy Fair and the days following. Just note that if you collect every Funko figure, you’re probably gonna have to get about 20 different jobs to afford all this.

90’s Nickelodeon Pop!s
Alias Pop!s
DC TV (Mystery Minis)/Batman: The Animated Series (Pop!s)
Captain Underpants (Pop!s)
My Hero Academia/Death Note (Pop!s)/Naruto (Dorbz)
Disney: Ratatouille (Pop!s)/Inside Out (Dorbz)/Disney (Pint Size Heroes)
Donnie Darko (Dorbz)
Gears of War (Pop!s)
Ghost in the Shell (Pop!s)
Jimi Hendrix/Joey Ramone (Pop!s)
Looney Tunes (Pop!s)/(Dorbz)
Lord of the Rings (Pop!s)/(Keychains)
Mass Effect: Andromeda (Pop!s)

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Mr. Robot (Pop!s)
Mystery Science Theatre 3000 (Pop!s)
Overwatch (Pop!s)
Parks and Recreation (Pop!s)
Pee-Wee Herman (Dorbz)/Power Rangers (Plushies)
Reservoir Dogs (Pop!s)
Retro Video Game (Mystery Minis)/Street Fighter (Pint Size Heroes)
Teen Wolf (Pop!s)
Twin Peaks (Pop!s)/(Action Figures)
The Walking Dead: In Memoriam (Mystery Minis)/Star Wars (MyMoji)
Workaholics (Pop!s)
The 100 (Pop!s)

So there you have it. Every single Funko item revealed at the 2017 London Toy Fair. Believe it or not, there’s actually more to come. The New York Toy Fair is underway in February, so expect even more announcements! Probably from the only two things left in the world that don’t have a Pop! figure.

All of the above figures are due for release in 2017.

After spending forever getting all these images, Joe will be forever haunted by Funko Pop! Vinyl. However, he’ll be damned if he isn’t getting the Parks and Recreation line. To see if he ever succeeds be sure to follow him @resonantrevs on Twitter.

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