First Trailer for Netflix’s Mindhunter from David Fincher


On March 1st, Netflix released a trailer for the new series Mindhunter. The show comes from executive producer David Fincher, who according to IMDB, also directed three episodes of the first season. Fincher’s involvement leads reason to be excited as he has been responsible for films such as Fight Club and his Oscar-nominated work on The Social Network. The series follows a group of FBI agents who track down serials and rapists. Again, Fincher has experience with this grittier material. Having directed films such as Se7en and Gone Girl.

The trailer looks promising. Netflix has taken the route of showing a lot while simultaneously giving away little. Most of the trailer focuses on a Rorschach test in blood red. The point of Rorschach tests is usually to determine what the subject sees in ink blots. However, it is clear after a while that the ink blot is forming a face that has been murdered before being devoured in blood. Ominous music plays with dialogue of characters describing their j0b – understanding the mind of the criminals they are hunting, people who just want to kill the killers, etc. The first dialogue we hear is quite slow, but things pick up the pace and become more frantic.

In between the Rorschach developing, are shots from the series. These clips flash by so quickly, one might miss them if they so much as blink. We see little of the violence in these brief flashes. They mainly feature shots such as a character coming out of an elevator, an FBI toast, a prison guard overlooking angry criminals. Fincher’s style is evident in some shots, such as a character sitting in an empty classroom, wearing headphones. There are hints of violence such as one character handcuffed (by the feet) to a bed or a woman holding something sharp to man’s jaw. The dialogue and animation offer a promise of violence and cerebral terrors. However, this footage shows just enough to whet our appetites and make us wonder what Mindhunter has in store.

The series is based on the book Mind Hunter: Inside FBI’s Elite Serial Crime Unit by real life FBI agents Mark Olshaker and John E Douglas. Douglas has already had his hand in popular culture. He was the basis for the character Jack Crawford in Thomas Harris’s The Silence of the Lambs. On the series Criminal Minds, he is the basis for Jason Gideon. Douglas also served as a behavioral consultant on the Peter Jackson film The Lovely Bones. Although the series is based on his book, none of the characters are named after him or Olshaker. However, it can be inferred that they are the basis for the characters. Lead actors Jonathan Groff (whose current biggest credit is Kristoff in Frozen) and Holt McCallany (whose credits include Sully and a small part in Fincher’s Fight Club) play Holden Ford and Bill Trench respectively. They are also joined by Anna Torv of Fringe as Wendy.

Overall, Mindhunter looks promising. Netflix has a history of introducing great original content such as Daredevil and Orange is the New Black, it has the backing of acclaimed director David Fincher and it tells the stories of men who really walked the walk.

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