Female-Only Wonder Woman Screenings Spark Controversy

Last week Austin, Texas-based Alamo Drafthouse announced they would be having a female-only viewing of the new Wonder Woman film on June 6th. Twitter immediately exploded. Men across the nation started screaming about reverse discrimination and trolling any woman brave enough to call them out. It’s having the opposite effect.

Drafthouse owner Tim League is willing to take a stand for the underdog. He recently started up his own distribution company to help get films into the public eye that would probably never get made by Hollywood. And, more importantly, amid all the bathroom debates that are raging across the nation, the most recent location in Austin opened with a gender-neutral bathroom. They welcome the controversy in Austin, despite the city being the seat of a very conservative state government.

Wonder Woman

The original superheroine

The Washington Post reported that the first female-only screening sold out in two hours. Despite the online backlash, they added another. After more backlash, they decided to have female-only screenings in other states as well. What some men apparently fail to realize is that Wonder Woman was one of the first superheroines in comics to become wildly successful, a character popular enough to garner her own television show. In a world dominated by male characters, this was momentous. She taught generations of girls that we can take care of ourselves, not to the detriment of men, but as an equal to men. She’s our comic role model.

Justice League with Wonder Woman

Fighting evil is an equal opportunity job description

For those people asking why there aren’t men-only screenings, some people have pointed out that not so long ago voting was a male-only event. It also wasn’t so long ago that the only job opportunities available for a female were teacher or secretary. And let’s remember that Augusta National was basically men-only until just five years ago.

The theatres aren’t making all screenings female-only, just a handful. Men have plenty of opportunities to see any other screening of Wonder Woman at Alamo Drafthouse (and let me say, the margaritas are awesome). There is no chance the patriarchy will be overthrown due to a film screening. But as a Texan, I have never been so proud, and if you know a Texan, you know that’s saying something.


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