Dwayne Johnson Excited to Help Usher in New Era for DC Movies

(comicbook.comGeoff Johns and the rest involved with DC Films have two major movies coming out this year. Wonder Woman and Justice Leauge. They will try and ease the dived that their previous movies have caused with their fanbase.  Batman V Superman was either love or hate and Suicide Squad although considered by some was more enjoyable than BVS was overall still not that great. Throw in the very controversial Man of Steel from a few years back, and it’s safe to say the current DC movie universe is a bit of a mess.

Dwayne ‘The Rock” Johnson who is set to play the villain Black Adam in the upcoming movie Shazam!, sent a tweet out to DC fans assuring a change to the next wave of DC films.

Johnson met with DC creative head Geoff Johns and seemed to have the same goal and vision for the future movies, with an increased focus on optimism and heroism. He also met with Warner Bros and DC Film executives.

It’s important to point out for those who do not know that Geoff Johns is also the President and Cheif Creative Officer at DC Comics. He has written many of the comics that the future movies are based on or around. He published his last comic in spring 2016 DC Universe: Rebirth #1 (which was fantastic) and hasn’t written since do to his duties at DC films (he did say he will be returning to writing this year hinting at a possible Watchmen related comic). While he has been involved as a producer on BVS and Suicide Squad, it was only last year that he was announced as co-head of DC Films, hopefully, with more say and power his influence can be more noticeable in the next round of films.

Ben Affleck is an excellent director, writer and more importantly comic fan to have on board. He doesn’t want to make a bad Batman movie which is great to hear. He is also severing as a producer on Justice Leauge which is great.

Then you have one of the hottest actors in Hollywood who passionate about your properties and the universe and with a crazy social media reach. I think it’s safe to say at least on paper you have a complete team of public figures that can change the tide for the DC cinematic universe. We will see what happens; I hope this is what is needed for improvement.

DC films have proven that their editing sucks though with the extended releases on video proving to the majority of fans that it’s better than their theatrical releases. I wish DC Films all the best. I want them to do well. It’s good for the industry, moviegoers and comic fans.


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