Don’t Hinder the Jinder Mahal! Why He is Best for Business


Don’t hinder the Jinder! Now I know I’m likely to send the internet into meltdown with this post but before you judge me at least please read the post and then draw up your own conclusions rather than saying he’s shit, booooooooooo, what are you talking about Skatronixxx.

If you sit down and think about it pushing Jinder Mahal is actually what is best for business and that is what WWE is, a business. WWE is set up to make money first and foremost regardless of whatever they say about entertaining us fans. If they really cared about entertainment would they have had the PG Era? No the big wigs knew at WWE HQ that they had to create a new generation of fans and thus the PG ERA was born, the era we are in now is similar to the one seen int he mid 90’s so I’m calling it that we will get another Attitude Era or Attitude Era v2.0 in about another 5 years or so but that’s a story for another day.

Anyway back to the matter at hand. Pushing Jinder is a topic that myself and head WWE vlogger Dazzmo have been talking about over the last couple of weeks so to see him get crowned number 1 contender is not a shock to me in the slightest (TOLD YOU DAZZMO 😉 ) Outside of North America WWE’s next biggest markets are Britain (UK Tournament), Mexico (Kallisto, Sin Cara, Andradea Almas …) China (Bin Wang) and then India (Jinder Mahal).

TNA Impact saw this gap in the market and tried it admittedly very well with the promotion Ring Ka King and brought over talent Mahabali Shera to utilise this market, on a side note, wouldn’t Shera make a badass enforcer for Jinder?

YES I know technically Jinder is Canadian but that didn’t stop Scottish fans thinking the late and great Rowdy Roddy Piper was Scottish when he was Canadian too. Don’t believe me millennials? Look at your wikipedia! *Waits for you to face the facts Curt Hawkins style* told you 😉

Smackdown has also traditionally been known as the brand that pushed the latino talent years ago (Rey Mysterio, Eddie Guerrero, Chavo Guerrero) it’s the land where they test the water with potential stars before shipping them off to Raw. It’s kinda like a developmental promotion for Raw and again that’s another article for another day.

So when the draft came around I was not surprised Jinder was sent over to Smackdown especially after his strong showing in the Andre the Giant Memorial Battle Royale at Wrestlemania 33.  It was clear that they were going to pull the trigger on Jinder and use him to cash in on the Asian market.  Given his past 3 MAN BAND YEAH!!! This is something that he would not have been able to accomplish on Raw.

The fact he won the 6-pack challenge on Smackdown was not WWE trying to build him as a top star but instead try to rebuild some of the credibility he has lost over the past few years. Even if Jinder loses, which I sadly predict he will, come on imagine the buzz he’ll get worldwide if he wins, he will drop down the card but rather than go back to jobber status he will hover around the midcard and that is where he is best suited. I can easily imagine Jinder winning the WWE Untied States Championship down the road, although how it will be taken off Kevin Owens is a puzzler.

With the recent addition of the Bollywood Boyz (Gurv Sihra, Harv Sihra) I can see a stable forming, however they need a valet/female wrestler, who could this be? Answers on a postcard people? Or could we see a new anti-American stable with Kevin Owens, Rusev and Jinder?

Either way don’t expect Jinder to drop down the card and into obscurity anytime soon as they need to sell tickets for WWE’s tour to India in 2017.

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