Dominic Cooper Tweets Set Photos as ‘Preacher’ Season 2 Begins Filming

AMC’s Preacher has just begun production on the second season, as confirmed by the Preacher Twitter account and the behind the scenes photos tweeted by Preacher Jesse Custer himself, Dominic Cooper (Agent Carter, Dracula Untold, Mamma Mia!).

AMC’s official Preacher account took to social media first to ask fans; “What do you get when a #Preacher, vampire, and assassin embark on a road trip? An epic season, coming soon in 2017.”


Dominic Cooper then tweeted the first grisly behind-the-scenes image for the show, showing only what looks like a string of guts on a concrete floor, at the feet of the preachers signature smart shoes, with the caption: “Season 2 begins.”


Cooper then went on to tweet a less gory image, simply of the purple car that himself, Cassidy and Tulip drove off in together in a search for God.


Preacher is the television adaptation of the graphic novel of the same name; it focuses on a Preacher named Jesse Custer with a dark past who is possessed by a supernatural force that makes every command he makes come true – a gift from God, he believes until angels begin to hunt him down.

The Main Cast of Preacher

The first season left us on the small town of Annville, Texas, and their discovery that God is real – but he has abandoned his station, and no force, heavenly or otherwise, can find him. Jesse Custer, town preacher, decides to leave the town with his assassin girlfriend Tulip (Ruth Negga Loving, Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D., Fury) and vampire/best friend Cassidy (Joseph GilgunMisfits, This is England, Harry Brown) on a search for God. As he departs, the town is caught in a fiery explosion, killing virtually every character we’d come to know. In the meantime, a disturbed man has been risen back from Hell and is on the hunt for Custer.

Preacher - Season 1 Finale, Jesse, Tulip and Cassidy Searching for God

Preacher season 2 will be thirteen episodes long for it’s second season, an extension upon it’s first season run of ten episodes. No official date for release has been pinned down yet, but AMC have told us it will be 2017.

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