Doctor Who Season 10: New Missy Promo

Missy, Missy, Missy….. She has become one of my favorite villains on Doctor Who. Now I do love and fear the Weeping Angels the most, but she is well, she is Missy.

If you have been under a rock and don’t know who Missy is, she is the regeneration of The Master, transformed into a woman who calls himself or herself Missy. This is the 8th  (?) regeneration of the Master and still more eccentric than the Doctor but seems to have lost the drums in her head (which seems to be the main reason why she was super cray cray to begin with besides looking into the time vortex)

It was recently confirmed by Michelle Gomez (Missy) to The Music that she would be joining the Doctor again in season 10! YAY!!

Weirdly, this is the sort of crunch week where I get to find out exactly what I’m going to be doing next… I can officially say that I will be starting back on Doctor Who soon, so that’s one thing.”


 She also hinted that she might show up in an episode of the series The Class, which is only fitting considering she is an important villain in the Whovians and it would be only fair that the kids get to face her too.

I love this promo, though. In the video below we get to see Michelle Gomez painting something blue…. and its part of the TARDIS! It is absolutely silly, to be honest, but its what you would expect in a commercial with Missy.


Well all though we are all sad to say goodbye to Mr. Capaldi, it will be nice to see Missy in this final season of his. Those two have been fantastic together and I am sure we will all be sad to see them interact one last time. ^_^

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