Doctor Who: Meet New Companion Bill Potts

Who else is super excited to meet the new companion Bill Potts this season on Doctor Who? I know I can’t wait to see her dynamic personality paired up with Capaldi and all the fun they are going to have in the TARDIS.

Recently there has been a lot of talk about the new companion; one of the main focuses is on her being the first openly gay companion on Doctor Who? Ummmm… I am not sure why they are saying this? I mean have they not been watching the same show as I have? There have been others on the series who were openly gay and a companion and a close friend… Such as Captain Jack or Madam Vastra? Madam Vastra has a wife who is named Jenny, besides being openly gay she is also a lizard so there is some bestiality in there too…but I didn’t hear a fuss about that so why is there so much talk about Bill’s sexuality. Who cares, move on, let’s get to the real subject which is the return of Doctor Who and WHO Bill really is as a person, plus the stories we will watch, and the end of Capaldi’s reign as the Doctor.


But regardless, Pearl Mackie tells us who Bill really is, “She’s quite young, doesn’t really know much about the world. She’s very real; she’s not had a very easy upbringing and whilst she doesn’t really let that affect her day-to-day life, it’s there under the surface. She can be quite defensive. She’s fun, she’s excited, she is a bit geeky. She quite likes sci-fi stuff, she’s into space and that type of thing so when she does go on adventures with the Doctor and discovers aliens are real and that kind of stuff it blows her mind which is really cool.”

Peter Capaldi had some things to say as well about our newest friend, “Bill comes in very much as a regular human being from the real world to whom all of this stuff is extraordinary. She knows nothing about it. But she’s a very clever, bright, funny girl. I think the Doctor is very taken with her as she’s one of those people who life hasn’t been great too and she didn’t deserve life not to be kind to her. She has enormous potential and I think the Doctor wants to help her reach that potential.”

These two sound like they are a wonderful pairing for companion and Doctor. I know I am super excited to see what will happen this season. There is so much we will get to see from only foes to new companions. And I wonder if they are going to bring anything back from last season… Like the fact that Clara flew away in one of the old TARDIS’ on Gallifrey with Ashildr.. Will they make an appearance at the end of the series when we say goodbye to Capaldi? What do you think?

Doctor Who airs this Saturday, April 15th on the BBC my friend. I know I am going to push myself to stay up until 9 pm to watch it. I go to bed at 7 pm which I know is early but I wake up at 3 am every day so I kind of need to. But I will stay up past my bedtime for the Doctor. ^_^

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