Do You Own One of the Twenty-Five Most Expensive Vintage Records?

We all know everything sounds better on Vinyl and none more so than the twenty-five we are about to look at. If you have an old collection that’s collecting dust, then it’s time to get them out and dust them off, you might be sitting on a rare vinyl.


MrGamez has found the highest record prices on the market today, judged on what they’ve sold for when auctioned. Nowadays Vinyl is a collector’s game, and there is nothing a collector won’t do to get there hands on that “Holy Grail” Vinyl. Here are a few examples of some of the record-breaking records and the prices they sell for

God Save the Queen – The infamous Sex Pistols album that sold for only six days under A&M pressing before the scandal caused them to part ways with the company. Even a copy of the original without the sleeve can fetch £8,600.00.

Please Please Me – The UK debut album from The Beatles was produced over 13 hours, while Lennon had a bad cold, yet it still launched the band to massive and enduring fame. The first pressing now sells for over £6,766.67

Introducing…. The Beatles – Like Please Please Me, this is a ‘Debut’ album for The Beatles. As the EMI US subsidiary, Capitol Records declined to sell, Please Please Me, this was the band’s breakthrough album in the States, following much negotiation. Only 6000 versions were made with the “Ad Back” sleeve, and they sell for up to £6,157.13

Some of the other expensive records include everything from criminal Ska produces to obscene Psychadelic Rock puns, along with more traditional Classical music, Impressionism recitals, and early Hip Hop. So whether you are an avid collector or just lucky to have made the right purchase, it might be time to dig out your old vinyl’s and see if you own one of the 25 Most Expensive records in history on the following infographic below.


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