Dirty Dancing Comes Back to Theaters For 30th Anniversary

“Now I had the time of my life, and I never felt this way before…..” Awe Dirty Dancing, the movie that taught us to stand up to the man, be whom you want no matter what, and how to grind on the dance floor.

Originally aired in 1987, the heartwarming movie starred Jennifer Grey as a young lady growing up in snob hill, who vacations at a resort with her rich parents and meets Patrick Swayze, a dance instructor, to which she falls in love with. This movie was a favorite among most teens, especially the girls, who dreamed of meeting Patrick Swayze, or someone like him, to whisk them away on the dance floor and perform the final “lift” in front of a crowded room. And for 90% of us, it would never happen, mainly because we either couldn’t dance or because we are too scared of falling on our face.


It appears that Dirty Dancing will be coming back to theaters to celebrate their 30th anniversary and will be playing on Sunday, Jan 29th, and again on Wednesday, Feb 1st. Weird days to be honest but ok. And they are only showing this movie two times a day, once at 2 pm and the other at 7 pm. Also in the theaters you will get to see a special 15-minute sneak peek of the special feature, Happy 30th Birthday Dirty Dancing. The movie will also be available on Blue-ray, DVD and Digital HD and in a limited edition box set and feature the 15-minute short as well.

I don’t know about you guys, but I will definitely be in line to see this movie when it comes to theaters again, I was a little young when it first aired so I missed out. ^_^

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