Deadpool 2 Teaser Drops!

Holy all that is amazing, there is a new Deadpool teaser and its just…. My glob,,,,, so freaking awesome!

If you went and saw Logan this opening weekend then chances are you got to view this wonderful teaser. Previewed just before the Logan movie, kind of like when you see a Pixar film and they do those animation shorts, that’s what they did with Deadpool. Now from my understanding is that not everyone got to see this super fantastical preview so I felt it was my duty to give it to the public….

Opening with a hooded figure walking through the streets listening to music (the soundtrack is familiar) and reveals himself to be our master Wade Wilson!! Suddenly he hears someone calling for help turns and finds an old man being mugged! Wade runs to a phone booth that’s just there randomly and to the tune of a beloved Superman theme song. Unfortunately, Wade takes to long changing and does not get out in time before the man is shot… To bad…. Oh well.

Just enjoy the video below, full of easter eggs and puns and well, Deadpool style comedy. I personally watched it a dozen times now and can’t get enough. ^_^


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