We Review Daredevil SN02 EP13 – ‘A Cold Day in Hell’s Kitchen’

Warning: This review contains spoilers. This episode is designed in a way that avoiding spoilers is not easy.

After the cards that were set on the table, it was fair to expect a big season finale. During the first act of this episode, there is an ominous tone as if these people know something bad is about to happen – even in dialogue scenes between Daredevil and Elektra. Tension is disrupted by slower scenes where Foggy is offered a cushy job with another law firm. However, these scenes still carry weight, especially with the lurking knowledge that this firm is going to pursue Daredevil. One demerit is that the Punisher feels a little underused, but he still has his moments, including a scene where he’s overlooking a house and reading a paper. Little happens in this scene, but there is this underlying feeling of dread.

Daredevil and Elektra have their showdown with The Hand, but first Daredevil has a dialogue with Elektra where he vows he’s going to give up being Matt Murdock to commit himself to fighting crime with Elektra, even removing his mask so we can see his face, and the emotions he conveys. The battle between Elektra and Daredevil against the Hand is impressive. This an impressive battle royal of a fight. Sadly, Elektra is cut down during the fight. When Daredevil is faced with seeing his lover murdered, the pain and sadness of this moment feel legit.

Both the Punisher and Stick have cool moments. When Daredevil is outnumbered by the Hand, the Punisher rescues the Man Without Fear by gunning down the remaining members. Stick looks like a legit hero by decapitating the member who held him captive. The following scene is Elektra’s funeral which conveys the appropriate somberness for this moment. Stick shows what a hard case, but still, has a moment of sympathy.

After this, the episode slows down a bit. This begins to feel like the Return of the King of Daredevil episodes, in that this ending drags a little. To be fair, it’s hard to say what should have been cut. We see the end of the Nelson and Murdock law firm. Karen writes a piece where she praises the people of New York for being heroes for surviving what they’ve been through. We see quick shots of the Punisher destroying his old home. Seeing him on the loose is bittersweet – we know his tragic story, but we also know the violent things this man is capable of. The finale piles on a few cliffhangers: Matt Murdock reveals he is Daredevil to Karen. Plus we see Elektra in the Hand casket – we’ve already established death isn’t completely final in this world.


  • Intense action scenes – Daredevil, Stick, and Punisher all have moments to shine
  • The ominous moments and the sad moments all click
  • Great cliffhanger(s)
  • Wraps up story


  • Ending drags and feels a little maudlin
  • Punisher is underused

Overall rating: 8.5

Tune in next time as I give a full overview of the second season.

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