CRACKLE Releases Trailer for TV Series ‘Snatch’ Starring Rupert Grint

Here’s one we’re looking forward to!

Crackle TV series ‘Snatch’ available for streaming on March 16, 2017

Guy Ritchie‘s cult classic has now be adapted into a TV series for streaming TV channel Crackle. The show promises to provide more of the violence and humor that made the original movie popular.

The new series will follow the original story closely but will add a few twists and new characters to enhance and develop the plot.

Deadline provides the best series synopsis for us:

“Inspired by a real-life heist in London, Snatch, centers on a group of twenty-something, up-and-coming hustlers who stumble upon a truckload of stolen gold bullion and are suddenly thrust into the high-stakes world of organized crime. The boys must quickly learn to navigate the treacherous waters of London’s underworld as rogue cops, gypsy fighters, international mobsters and local villains descend.”

What to expect from the series

It looks like the show-runners have taken the liberty of updating the story a bit for younger audiences by making the main characters younger. They’ve also chosen the actors wisely, knowing that adding Rupert Grint to anything guarantees immediate interest.

Cast Shot Snatch TV Series Rupert Grint

We can expect much deeper and richer character development than was available in the movie (although Ritchie is one of the few who accomplishes this in his movies). We can also look forward to surprises, dark comedy, lots of action, and a bit more “sexy” if we’re to take the trailer literally.

Another of Ritchie’s classics, Lock, Stock and Two Smoking Barrels, was adapted for the small screen back in 2000 but failed to make it past its original 6-episode run. Hopefully, the Snatch TV series writers, producers, and directors won’t make the same mistake here.

The TV series introduces new characters and personalities. Also starring alongside Grint will be Tamar Hassan as Harry, Dougray Scott as Vic Hill, and Lucien Laviscount as Billy “Fuckin” Ayers.

A quick look back…

The original version of Snatch was something quite new at the time of its release. At the time, Ritchie was still relatively unknown outside of England and the fact that so many stars were in Snatch was quite surprising.

Brad Pitt had just come off the immensely popular Fight Club (they even made a video game of it). The movie also starred Jason Statham, Benicio del Toro, Dennis Farina, Vinnie Jones, Lennie James, and Jason Flemyng. The full cast list is actually a “Who’s Who” of current British and Hollywood actors.

Snatch Movie Poster

If the show turns into a success, it will be a boon for Crackle who’s most popular series to date is Comedians in Cars Getting Coffee.

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