Cowboys, Ninjas, Vikings, Chris Pratt: Need We Say More?

What’s up Pipe Bomb fans? Deven B. here.

So if that title doesn’t grab your attention, I don’t know what will. It’s got everything we could want. Every kind of action character possible, plus Chris Pratt for the sex appeal.

I also realize the title of the movie sounds like a joke, but the comic book which the movie will be based on is a real thing. And it’s a been a big hit.

The comic book centers on Duncan, the member of a counter-intelligence unit made up of multiple personality patients who are transformed into agents called Triplets. Unfortunately, the unit falls apart and most of the Triplets become hired assassins. Duncan is tasked with finding them and stopping them.

Pratt has been connected to the film for over three years now and seems very excited and determined to get the film done.


Recently, Pratt said the next step in the film’s development is to find a director.

“It’s still in development. It’s definitely no joke. We’ve got a deal and we’re moving forward. It’s going to be [with] Universal. It’s going to be really, really fantastic … We don’t have a director. It’s together, it’s being put together. But we’re in the process of talking to directors.”

Having never heard of the comic or anything about the movie being in development, I have to say, I’m getting a bit excited about it and hope it actually gets done. With this one, Pratt will have the chance of becoming the biggest action star behind only Dwayne Johnson, who’s got a ton of flicks in the works, too.

Chris Pratt will be starring in Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. II and is still my vote to be in the next Indiana Jones movie scheduled for release in 2020.

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