Coming to America Sequel Signs Original Writers

According to Entertainment Weekly, we are finally getting that Coming to America sequel we never knew we wanted. The 1988 comedy starring Eddie Murphy and Arsenio Hall was penned by Barry Blaustein and David Sheffield, both of whom went on to work with Murphy on several other projects. Since they have both signed on the make this sequel, we can only speculate on who else might return as well.

Murphy and John Candy

Working hard at McDowell’s *not* McDonald’s

The original film came at the height of both Murphy’s and Hall’s careers. Directed by John Landis, best known for his offbeat comedies, it focused on Prince Akeem Joffer (Murphy) and his best friend Semmi (Hall) who travel to America to find an independent woman to become queen because the prince is tired of the subservient potential mates his family keep foisting on him. However, he also doesn’t want a gold digger, so they disguise themselves as foreign students and rent a run down apartment to put up a semi-believable façade. They take jobs at a fast food place, and Prince Akeem falls in love with the owner’s daughter Lisa (Shari Headley). When the jig inevitably is up, Lisa dumps him for lying to her, and Prince Akeem returns home broken hearted and broken in spirit, finally convinced to marry whichever woman his parents choose. Having met Lisa, though, who else could they choose, so everyone ends up happy. One of the comedic standards this movie began was Murphy’s penchant for playing multiple supporting roles with the help of prosthetics.

Eddie Murphy and Arsenio Hall

Murphy and Hall playing dress-up

Murphy himself teased a sequel on his Twitter account a while back before the whole account vanished. As it stands it’s unclear whether Murphy will be involved in the production in any way or whether or not Landis will be approached to direct. Hall is currently on a comedy tour. Murphy seems anxious to get back to his comedic glory days with the announcement of a fourth installment of the Beverly Hills Cop series and a sequel to Twins called Triplets (natch), which also brings back Danny DeVito and Arnold Schwarzenegger as the most unlikeliest of siblings. He is also scheduled to star in Lee Daniels‘ next biopic, which will be on the late great comedian Richard Pryor, and was written by Beauty and the Beast director Bill Condon. That looks like a real can’t-miss whenever it finally hits theatres. If Murphy gets attached to this film, which one would think would be a likely thing, this could be the biggest year for Eddie Murphy since Donkey made waffles for Shrek.


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