Colette Kavanagh’s New Single Has Recently Landed

Singer-Songwriter Colette Kavanagh Releases Her New Single ‘Once in A Lifetime.’

Colette Kavanagh who’s based in Ireland was a guest singer on tour with Johnny Cash guitarist Bob Wooton which paved the way for Kavanagh’s debut album ‘Further Down The Line‘ drawing on many country influences.

In 2014 Kavanagh’s track ‘Rebekah’s Lullaby ‘ featured in a multi-award winning short film Skunky Dog.


Kavanagh teamed up with Martin Quinn Producer and Owner of Jam Studios in 2015 to record the track ‘Hold On ‘ which landed extensive radio and internet airplay on several radio stations locally and across the US too.

Kavanagh’s now back with her new single ‘Once In A Lifetime.’ This single is a perfect treasure of blissful melodies sung with the voice of an angel.

Once In A Lifetime ‘ blends Kavanagh’s soft, warm vocals with soulful but yet catchy choruses, it is just a beautiful single.


The narrative story of the ‘Once in a Lifetime’ video is a classic tale of two lovers, but the moving delivery of Colette’s voice combined with the actors’ performances make this video one of a kind. The kind of love that only comes once in a lifetime is shared between two musicians, a handsome guitarist and spirited ukulele player.

When an argument in the car leads to the guitarist walking away from his lover, he is suddenly struck by a car. The spot where he was hit is then revealed to be the same spot where he proposed. The raw emotion of the argument juxtaposing happier memories of their relationship creates a complete and emotional story of love and heartache that touches the core of all viewers alike.


This week Kavanagh also featured as one of the “Acts Of Week” over with our friends at Deuce Music.

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Check out the ‘Once In A Lifetime’ music video below

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