Classic Doctor Who, An American Guide

This makes me super excited. I love watching the classic episodes of Doctor Who. I personally own the very first season with William Hartnell and the lost episodes. I also own a few of the novels that are a fantastic read.

Recently BritBox, which is a British streaming TV service, released all episodes of Doctor Who for the viewers to enjoy… Yes, ALL EPISODES!! Oh, that is just wonderful! So not only do you get to re-enjoy the current new episodes for the NuWHos out there who may have started with Eccleston but for those of us who enjoy the true beginning (like myself) you can go and watch all 26 seasons that started from 1963-1989. Quick Doctor Who fact: Did you know that the first 8 seconds of the very first episode was missed when it first aired in 1963? This was due to the news broadcast that was running over while it covered the assassination of J.F. Kennedy.

Now for those who have never seen the original classic episodes, to watch them may be a little difficult. They were done in black and white, the acting and special effects are a little… well… cheesy for our time, but perfect for their time. The Classic episodes of Doctor Who are wonderful to watch though. I mean this was originally meant to be a children’s educational program with an old Doctor who travels through time and space visiting times of the past, present, and future. Yet, to be honest, I am not sure how educational it really was. Watching the very first season *Spoilers* you meet the Daleks right away, and I am not sure how they fit into the educational aspect… But nevertheless, it was still wonderful for all ages. Doctor Who fact: Did you know that back in the 1972 Doctor Who was considered a violent program on television? Yup, because of their definition of violence “any act[s] which may cause physical and/or psychological injury, hurt or death to persons, animals or property, whether intentional or accidental” a survey found that 3% of the viewers at the time considered this show to be unsuitable for children or family viewing. Which is completely ludicrous if you ask me. I mean the show never showed blood, gore, slashing, or anything that could really make you cringe.

Now here is a quick breakdown of the Doctors should a NuWho decide they would like to venture forth and open their double hearts and mind to the beginning, where it all began for the wonderful, occult following of Doctor Who.

William Hartnell, 1963-1966

The original first Doctor (not Eccleston) who started it all. The grandfather to Susan, his first companion, and a bit gruffer and cross if you ask me. His portrayal of the Doctor may be a little hard to handle since he is not goofy or fun-loving as the Doctors we are used to today. Well, Capaldi may have toned this down too, but there is still an air of goof to him. William though, he was a more serious version of the Doctor, but still cunning and mischievous. He had a few companions, one being his granddaughter Susan as mentioned before, as well as her schoolteachers Ian and Barbara. There was also Vicki, Steven, Katarina, Sara, Dodo, Polly, and Ben.

Patrick Troughton/The 2nd Doctor 1966-1969

The second Doctor, who only came in due to the sudden illness of William. It was decided that they would do regeneration instead of stopping the show altogether. And are we not all glad this happened, I mean could you imagine a world without Doctor Who??? *SHUDDER* neither can I… Lets move on from such a thought…

As mentioned before, this Doctor was the first time regeneration took place, and he pulled it off well. He was also more vibrant than Hartnell was which I feel is what really brought on the quirky character of the Doctor. I mean Hartnell was good, but this guy was better. This Doctor had 3 season’s, a total of 119 episodes and Companioned by Polly, Ben, Jamie, Victoria, and Zoe

Jon Pertwee, the 3rd Doctor 1970-1974

Ok, this Doctor was the more Suave Doctor than the others. He was always up for a good fight, knew his technical stuff and just Bad Arse. Oh and his car! He drove around in a yellow car named Bessie. Let alone he was the first Doctor to be seen in color! Talk about making it big time there. Oh, oh, oh, and should you be curious of the history of The Master, then you should definitely peek at these episodes since it’s where we first meet him. Pertwee had 5 seasons and a total of 128 episodes, companioned by Liz, Jo, and Sarah Jane!! (Yes!!))


And then you have one of the most memorable Doctors, Tom Baker/ The 4th Doctor 1974-1981

Yes the nose, the scarf, the hair, the jellybeans!! This is that Doctor ladies and gentlemen. Best known for the amazing scarf he wore for his time as the Doctor. Which if you did not know already, was made for him, and he decided to incorporate into the show. This Doctor is one who is favored by most Who fans. He also had 7 seasons making him the longest lasting Doctor to grace this show. That is 172 episodes! Oh, and he had K-9…. Affirmative….And he also was companioned by Harry, Leela, Romana, Adric, Nyssa, and Tegan.

There is a site dedicated to the scarf.. Go check it out

Peter Davidson/ the 5th Doctor 1982-1984

Ok, this Doctor was kind of cute if you ask me. He had a very boyish look to him but liked to have celery stalks coming out of his clothes… Not sure what that as about…He was still a pretty cool Doctor. He loved his companions; in fact, he was normally surrounded by a few too many in the TARDIS. He also had the experience of losing a companion to death…. Big on the feelers with this Doctor. But he is still wonderful to watch. A total of 3 seasons, and only 69 episodes, companioned by Adric, Nyssa, Tegan, Vislor, Kamelion, and Peri


Colin Baker/ 6th Doctor (no relation to Tom Baker) 1984-1986

I am not going to lie, I never watched this Doctor… So I had to do some research on him. I guess he was not the most liked Doctor of all… A bit moody, harsh, “Jerk” is what another fan called him. Hmm, now I want to go watch him and see what the fuss is about. His suit though is loud and out there as true Doctor Who fashion. He was short-lived with 3 seasons but only 31 episodes. And he only had 2 companions, Peri and Mel.


And last but not least, Sylvester McCoy/7th Doctor 1987-1989

The last Doctor before Eccleston! This Scottish actor played the 7th incarnation of our beloved Doctor. He was also briefly Baker for the regeneration scene. Since Colin did not want to be a part of the regeneration, McCoy placed a wig on his head and pretended to be him for the transformation. His character was very light and charming, but that changed when fans complained that his Doctor was too much of a clown. Sad really, I feel that kind of a Doctor is a wonderful one. I guess Matt would not have made it during this time. He ran for 3 seasons, 42 episodes and companioned by Mel and Ace

Well there you have it, go enjoy the entire classic Who that Britbox has to offer. I know I will be downloading this onto my tablet and watching it nonstop.. Well, I have to sleep so…. Maybe lose a couple of hours can be missed for that. ^_^

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