Chris Evans Pranking Comic Fans With Captain America Room Escape

I received a link from my friend not too long ago for a chance to win a trip to meet Chris Evans, be a part of his room escape game, and hang out after. Super cool! SO, of course, I entered in the contest, probably won’t win but hey, had to try right?

Now Chris Evans is teaming up with Omaze to make a room escape game as mentioned above, but in the video below, he decides to have some fun with a few fans and send them on a pretend escape the room game. This video is hilarious! It starts with unsuspecting fans wondering the comic book store until they hear the Captain America doll talking, which happens to be Chris Evans. He then instructs the fans to do different tasks from finding numbers to yelling out “Hail Hydra” in the middle of the street outside. After watching this video, it makes me even more hopeful that I win the chance to take part of the Captain America room escape and hang out with Chris, he seems like a really fun guy, never mind being super HOT….

Enjoy this video below, and if you want to enter the contest for a chance to win, go to and know that the proceeds go to a charity Christophers Haden, an organization that “provides a home for kids and families while they are battling cancer.” ^_^


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