Cake Wars: The Best Geek Themed Episodes


If a show combines baking and geek life, I am all about it. I love to see what others come up with and try to recreate it myself, or get inspired and do my own masterpiece in the kitchen.

Cake Wars is one of the shows that can bring you such inspiration for the Geek arts with all their wonderful designs and ideas in pop culture. Just gets your saliva and creative juices flowing. Everything from How to Train your Pet Dragon to Sesame Street and all in between, this show has no limits on their skills.

You know I had to throw this image here

Now I have not seen every episode of this wonderful show, (I know, shame on me) but I plan to get caught up very soon. But here are some of the episodes I feel are amazing and definitely worth the peek should you be curious.

You have Star Wars, which as you see above, one of the finished products is just astounding.

The Nintendo Episode was really fun to watch and makes you crave some sugar and game time.

Then you have Shrek, I mean look at this detail, especially in the Dragon! Oh my glob, I just can’t even begin to be this talented

Captain America anyone? Yes you know you want to watch this episode

And what’s a geek cake episode without some Minecraft? The diamond sword was a beautiful touch.

There are much more to mention for sure, but I don’t want to spoil the fun of watching each episode and finding the ones you favor most. Now I need to get my rear in the kitchen and practice working with some Fondant. ^_^

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