Breaking News: Lucha Underground is on it’s Way to Netflix

Lucha Underground continues to break new ground. With it’s original style of production, to it’s booking, making Sexy Star it’s first female Heavyweight Champion. Now LU will be the first to have their programing on a steaming service. I don’t mean replays on Hulu, but be apart of the Netflix original lineup.

According to MLWRadio LU will make its official debut on February, 15th airing the first 39 episodes of season one and 26 episodes of season 2. El Rey Network has been home to the rising wresting promotion for its first two complete seasons. While they are in the middle of airing the third season, it will be the last season on El Rey. This story been a hot topic for a few months with LU wanting to leave El Rey Network for its lack of North American exposure.


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