Is Billy Corgan Set To Buy NWA

Billy Corgan is back in the wrestling news, and no he’s not suing Dixie Carter again. Corgan has decided to give the wrestling game another go with the purchase of the legendary National Wrestling Alliance (NWA) from the promoter and lawyer Bruce Tharpe out of Texas.

Is this is to be a full purchase not a lease on the name which Tharpe has been known to do with other indie promotions.

Report broke from PWInsider’s Mike Johnson that Corgan has in principle purchased the historic company which includes; names, rights, trademark and the infamous NWA Championship Title.

There’s no word yet from Corgan who came close to owning TNA last year but lost out to Anthem Entertainment. Now, Corgan has the chance to have his own brand and create a wrestling promotion with his own vision.

It’s no secret of Corgan’s passion for wrestling, with his on-air involvement with ECW and Chicago-based indie Revolution Pro. Corgan still may have a few strings he can pull to bring his vision of pro wrestling into a reality.

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