Baby Driver’ Review: The Edgar Wright Musical Thrill Ride

Baby Driver, Director Edgar Wright’s brain-child, is the story of Baby, who is in debt to Doc and pays him back by being his getaway driver for heists. Caused by a car accident that left him orphaned as a child, Baby suffers from severe tinnitus, which he blocks out by listening to music. His coping mechanism now means he absolutely has to have the perfect soundtrack in order to complete the getaway.

However, even the best getaway driver can’t run forever.

Baby Driver is sleek, hilarious and utterly loveable. Containing trademark Edgar Wright moments that fans of his work on the Three Flavours Cornetto trilogy and Scott Pilgrim vs. The World will instantly recognise, this movie has a lot of heart and a lot of laughs.

The car stunts in the movie are absolutely astounding. They are so clever, and sync up so perfectly to create unthinkable getaways for Baby and the heist crew. Genuinely keeping you on the edge of your seat and causing you to make the “hissss” sound through your teeth (you know, that one you make when you watch someone try and park in a way too small space?), the chase scenes are nothing short of perfect and stunningly choreographed.

Of course, to couple with these incredible car stunts, is the music. Baby Driver is, by all accounts, a musical, utilising a loud and endless soundtrack of beloved songs, or lesser-known songs by beloved artists. Every single song tells a part of Baby’s story and the situation he’s in, and completely aid the action along.

Ansel Elgort as Baby

The characters and actors themselves are also fantastic. Everyone has been perfectly cast and does a wonderful job playing their role. Ansel Elgort does a wonderful job as the quiet, music-obsessed Baby. Kevin Spacey plays the role of Doc well – a multi-faceted man who is both incredibly dangerous but also somehow charming. They’re an absolute joy to watch on screen together.

Jon Hamm and Jamie Foxx play great members of the heist team, giving the audience a huge amount of laughs and awe through their actions and flawless delivery.

However, my one issue does lie with two characters in particular. Those characters are the two female characters of the film, Debora and Darling.

Eiza González as Darling

Lily James and Elza González play these characters respectfully. They are both accomplished and talented actors, with James staring in Pride, Prejudice and Zombies and Fast Girls, whilst González is known for From Dusk Till Dawn: The Series. These roles as strong, independent women whose goals lay outside of a love interest and more in defeating the evil at hand.

Lily James as Debora

Debora, as a character, is excruciatingly one-dimensional. You know hardly anything of her backstory except that she loves music, hates being a waitress and she used to care for her mother before her mother died. That’s all. Then her motive for the movie is just to leave with no plan – which she establishes she could have done before, as she had no ties, but apparently is only motivated by Baby. Who is blatantly a little bit shady, despite his adorable name.

Darling doesn’t get much more – we know she likes money from being in the heist business and that she’s married to Jon Hamm’s character, Buddy. Again, that is all we know, other than the fact she looks pretty badass with a gun. I can give a pass on this one, as the movie doesn’t go into the backstories or more details than anything on face value for the rest of the gang either.

Eiza González as Darling and Jon Jamm as Buddy

However, it is a shame that an actress such as James, who has proven herself in action roles before, was reduced down to a blank slate love interest for Baby to run off with.

That being said James does still play the role well. She’s endearing and completely charming, and despite the script not giving her much it is easy to see why someone would fall in love with her. The chemistry with Elgort is undeniable, and they do make a very sweet young couple in love.

Baby and Debora

Overall, Baby Driver is a cinematic and exhilarating movie. Incredible car choreography coupled with an undeniably brilliant soundtrack and a unique premise, Edgar Wright has successfully combined high-speed chases and vibrant musical numbers to create an original and exciting film that will have you smiling from ear-to-ear and tapping your feat.

Baby Driver Promotional Poster

Baby Driver is currently showing in cinemas and will be available for digital download, blu-ray and dvd purchase in the near future.

The Good
  • Fantastic cinematography Incredible soundtrack Brilliant cast A tonne of fun
The Bad
  • The love interest was very blank as a character
5 Essential

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