An Interview with the Voice Of Gorilla Grodd, David Sobolov

PLEASE NOTE:- This is a post from my former site Skatronixxx but I thought you would appreciate this one so I decided to repost it here!

Wow two days, two intervies, what are the odds? Someone who I really to interview was one of my verified followers the voice over legend that is David Sobolov. His resume reads like a who’s who of the cartoon world, Shockwave, Robocop, Drax, Gorilla Grodd.
Not only do I regularly watch most of these shows, the characters that David voices are my fave too, so when the oppertunity came for an interview with David, I could not pass up the chance.

As you know I get chatting to the people I do interviews with before I do them, and David is a down to earth guy who actually looks at this site (and has given me feedback on it!) woop woop.

Let’s find out more about another awesomely talented member of the #SkatFamily David.

1) How did you get into voiceover acting?

Around 1993 I was working doing stage shows and singing in Vancouver and an agent heard my voice and thought I’d be good for villains in cartoons. I started going out for auditions and booking a few jobs and I was on my way.

2) You were in The Flash as Gorilla Grodd, how did you find this experience and have we seen the last of Grodd?

I really enjoy being the voice of Grodd. The producers of The Flash really want the show to be great and we spend a lot of time trying out different ways for Grodd to express himself. The creative team decides which take to use for each line, then we meet again to go over the choices and to try to make it even better. I hope we haven’t seen the last of Grodd, but I can’t say for sure!

David you’re looking rather hairy here!

3) You also voiced Drax in the cartoon version of ‘Guardians Of The Galaxy’ and Stone in Netlfix’s Daredevil’, do you have any interesting stories to share with us from your time on these shows?

When I worked on Daredevil, the character was so secret that they wouldn’t even tell me the name of it while we were working! And on Marvel’s Guardians of the Galaxy, we’re really having a fun time recording all the episodes. We’ve recorded 30 of them so far!

Skatronixxx Jr loves this show 🙂

4) You’ve been in DC and Marvel shows, I have to ask are you Team Marvel or Team DC, or both?

How could I not be on both teams? I have current shows running for both Marvel and DC.

5) If you could be in one existing film, what film and character would you choose and why?

Batman… If Kevin Conroy ever retires.

6) I read online that you are a French horn player, and toured in an acapella group, what was that like and do you still play/sing today?

That was a long time ago… I still sing on occasion. My first animated series, Vor-Tech in 1995 let me know I was cast during a tour of our a cappella group in a remote area in Northern British Columbia, Canada. I had to pay out the salaries of all the singers for the week and hire a private plane to pick me up in a little airstrip in the forest. It was worth it. I’d like to do more singing. The last time I played my horn was in the pit orchestra for a production West Side Story in 1995. I finished the last show and never played again.

7) Some experienced gamers will know your name from such popular games as Halo, Mass Effect and Uncharted, how different is it providing voices to games rather than shows?

You continue to hear my voice on episodes of The Flash as Grodd, and in the first season of Marvel’s Guardians of the Galaxy animated series as Drax. I have been working on several video game project and a whole new animated series, but I’m not at liberty to discuss those yet.

The many characters of David, how many can you spot?

8) Tell our readers one fun fact about yourself that they may not already know?

I collect antique product packaging from the 1880s through 1960s… you’ll find unusual items like a 1943 box of Ritz Crackers and a 1952 box of Tide Detergent. I started when I was 10 years old and never became bored with it.

9) Finally what advice would you have for an upcoming voiceover actress or actor?

My advice for anyone starting out is to make sure you have a way to make a living that has nothing to do with acting while you’re pursuing your dream. Don’t let anyone squish your dreams, but also don’t end up not eating because of them. Also… learn about ACTING, not just doing funny voices. We have to both believe you and understand the story you’re trying to tell. To me, a character voice that doesn’t entirely come out of the emotions in the part is nice and often essential, but it’s just icing on the cake.

There you go readers David Sobolov! Be sure to follow David on twitter here don’t be shy go say hi and tell him ‘Skatronixxx Sent Me!’


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