We Review The Latest Episode of American Dad SN14 EP07 – ‘Ninety North Zero West’


Its time for the annual Christmas Special which means it is time for Santa to get the Smiths. After being attacked by Santa before the Smiths have decided to create fakes so they can cryogenically freeze themselves. They are about to do this and skip Christmas when Steve runs away. He loves Christmas and his fondest memories are of a small Christmas train and tree farm which is of course where he runs off to.

The family chases Steve but not before Jeff is frozen in a pod which Roger sends off by attacking the Jeff Dummy. They head to the train and soon see it pulling away with all of the kids. Though a second train appears and they soon find that the first train was used to steal kids. After failing to get there with the help of a fired Christmas Elf named Pudding, they head to Baltimore.

In Baltimore they find Stan’s father who last Christmas was turned into the Krampus after Santa killed the first Krampus. With the help of their “Grampus” the family heads to the north pole. While on their way there Steve is discovered and is locked away. When the family bursts in Santa is going to kill them until his big plan is realized.

Like a villain Santa tells them his plan and then brings them to the site to activate it. Though his plan does end up failing when the magic he wants to posses returns to its real body. In the rush Grampus lets go of Santa who falls trying to climb out of the pit and he is eaten by the demon. Steve the only one who loves Christmas hates it until the family says they will never skip and instead will endure it together.

The end is nice in that the family is able to go home, not before their Grampus decides to stay at the North Pole. In the aftermath of it all the North Pole is destroyed and everything looks to be all right for the Smith’s. As the episode ends Santa’s hand grabs the outside of the decapitated monster’s neck showing that of course he will be back.

A solid Christmas episode with holiday humor and a good continuation to the Santa Vs Smith’s Christmas Saga. Really curious what the next Christmas Episode will be about. Will Grampus return? Is Santa going to try to kill the Smith’s once again? Only time will tell!

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