AMC Releases Preacher Featurettes

Hollywood has been hitting the comics pretty hard. Last year Seth Rogan, Sam Catlin, and Evan Goldberg brought cult favorite Preacher to the screen, and our TVs haven’t been the same since.

A month ago AMC released a couple of teasers that showed our intrepid trio starting out on their road trip to find God, not spiritually, but physically, as they’ve learned that God has abandoned heaven. Now AMC has released another couple of videos, one called A Look Ahead, that has the actors, showrunner, and comic creator Garth Ennis talking about the upcoming season.

Season one began with preacher-with-a-past Jesse Custer (Dominic Cooper) in the town of Annville, Texas. He’s drunkenly preaching to his congregation when he’s suddenly possessed by a powerful force that allows him to control others. He soon meets up with a centuries-old vampire named Cassidy (played with abandon by Joseph Gilgun) after one of the craziest fight scenes ever and his old girlfriend Tulip (Oscar nominee Ruth Negga).

After learning about God’s abandonment, season two sees Jesse decide he’s going to find Him and either get Him back to heaven or kick His all-powerful ass. But they have no idea they’re about to meet the Saint of Killers (Graham McTavish), one of the most lethal characters in comics and one of the most soul-tortured. A supernaturally exceptional marksman who can’t be killed, he’s a man with a singular goal who will not be turned aside until he completes it, and his goal is to stop Jesse and his crew. We also get a glimpse of the mysterious white-suited society that plays a large role in the comics in attempting to keep Jesse from completing his quest.

The clip above shows the dynamic between the three as they head off to New Orleans to meet a friend of Jesse’s that they think will help them. It appears from the clips that have been released that the storylines from the series may be more or less converging with the storylines from the comics, which fans should appreciate. But considering how much gleeful bad-assery Rogan and crew brought to season one, which was mostly original content, guided by the comics, whatever is upcoming is sure to be highly irreverent, blood-splattered, and an insanely wild ride. If you want to get caught up, the first season is streaming on Hulu, but you don’t have much time, as the two-night premiere of Preacher hits the air on June 25th.

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