(Almost) live reactions to 205 live

Welcome to the first (Almost) live reactions to 205 Live. Why? Because if I don’t watch it who will? To say this show has been struggling would be an understatement recently being unable to be in the top 20 shows on the Network. But is it really that bad? Lets find out.

Gentlemen Jack Gallagher vs The Brian Kendrick

Prior to the match Jack Gallagher was interviewed backstage about his loss last week to Tony Neese. He said he underestimated his opponent and he won’t make the same mistake. Brian Kendrick comes out dressed as Gallagher calling him a joke. They have a decent albeit short match. Kendrick is disqualified for assaulting Gallagher with an umbrella

Result: Gallagher wins by Disqualification 

A decent match and these two seem to have a good story but did Kendrick really have to dress up as Gallagher. He could have got his point across with the promo alone. It kinda took me out of the match which is a shame because these are 2 of the most entertaining parts of the cruiserweight division. Especially Gallagher.

Mustafa Ali vs Drew Gulak

Before the match there was another backstage interview with Gulak talking about being defeated by Ali when Ali interupted claiming Gulak hated high flying moves because he couldn’t do them himself. Gulak dominated most of the match keeping Ali grounded with his technical offense including a suplex into the turnbuckle. Gulak tried to hit a splash from the top but Ali moved and counterd with a roll up

Result: Ali wins by pinfall

Another example of the cruiserweights having a good match with a good story but not enough people care. Guys like Gulak don’t get time on RAW to show how good they are technically. I like the idea of Gulak trying to beat Ali at his own game and Ali turns it around on him.

Cedric Alexander vs Arya Divari

Cedric used a lot of fast paced moves in the beginning but Davari was able to take control with a hiptose into the turnbuckle. He spent most of the match trying to ground Cedric countering a handspring into a sleeper. Just as Cedric was beginning to regain control Noam Dar caused a distraction to make up for accidentally ruining Davari’s bag last week. Davari hit Cedric with a hammerlock lariet for the win. After the match Dar says he and Alica are done with Cedric.

Result: Davari wins by pinfall 

It’s good that Davari got the win because the cruiserweight division needs strong heels besides Neville. Thank god the Cedric Alexander, Noam Dar and Alicia Fox storyline is over. It feels like it’s been going on for years.

Neville promo

Neville comes out calling Akira Tozawa misguided and he doesn’t care about Titus O’Neal. He warns Tozawa that he will sufer like all the others who have challenged him. Tozawa comes out responding to everything Neville says with his cry which annoys Neville. The fans are chanting along. Tozawa knocks Neville out of the ring with a kick and the show closes with Tozawa standing tall

I like the match up of Tozawa and Neville. If given the time their matches could make people pay more attention to the cruiserweights. The only problem is that the most entertaining part of this story is Titus O’Neal who isn’t even a cruiserweight.

Overall 205 live was okay. As it usually is. It’s clear that a lot of the guys are still struggling to get their stories or characters off the ground. That’s a shame because there are a lot of talented wrestlers in the cruiserweight division. Leave a comment below and tell me what you thought of 205 live and subscribe to Pop Culture Pipe Bomb. Its free and you won’t miss an article including starting tomorrow my Almost live reactions to NXT. See you then.

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