All the Deeds About the Flash-Supergirl Musical Crossover

Since we first heard rumours about a musical crossover in August 2016 between The Flash and Supergirl we have been excitedly awaiting for more news about this most epic event.

Who Will Win The Sing-Off? The Flash Or Supergirl?

Unlike the Flash news about the crossover did not get to us with the speed of light. Earlier this month, last week to be precise, we learned more about the titles of the episodes and the air dates. The crossover will start on Supergirl, which airs 20th of March, and will fully get on its way on The Flash a day later on the 21st of March in the episode named “Duet“.

Unfortunately not the person I hoped, Joss Whedon (Firefly and Buffy the Vampire Slayer), will be directing the episode but the for me fairly unknown Dermott Downs (The Tomorrow people and CSI: NY). Although I am a bit disappointed that Joss Whedon won’t be directing it, I am looking forward to see to what level Dermott Downs will bring this episode.

As expected Glee-alumni Melissa Benoist (Kara Danvers, Supergirl) and Grant Gustin (Barry Allen, The Flash) will sing. If they will sing original songs is unknown. Greg Berlanti , the creator of The Flash, has said nothing about that so far. But never say never and there is still time before they start shooting those episodes. What is known however is that they will be back-upped in the singing by among other Broadway and London West End’s alumni John Barrowman (Malcolm Merlyn), Victor Garber (Dr Martin Stein) and Jesse L. Martin (Joe West).  A surprise addition to the singing crew is Carlos Valdes (Cisco Ramon). I did not know he could sing, but damn does he have a voice. Listen for yourself in attached video.

The main bad guy, the Music Meister, for the crossover, has been announced this week. As my hope for Neil Patrick Harris shattered the person who got cast will spark a little Glee reunion.

None other than Darren Criss (Blaine Anderson on Glee) got cast as the Music Meister. I must admit I was a little disappointed that Neil Patrick Harris wasn’t cast but I think that they have found a suitable Music Meister as Darren Criss is a jack of all trades.

I am looking forward to the musical crossover and maybe we will learn beforehand if there will be any original songs. Keeping my fingers crossed for that. But I will enjoy listing to all those marvellous people singing.

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