Alice Fights in the New Resident Evil Movie: The Final Chapter By Brenda Lang

As far as zombie movies goes, I don’t normally watch them, but I do however really enjoy the Resident Evil movies. They don’t have the same feel as most other creepy post apocalyptic movies do and the “Zombies” are more monster-like and not so much groaning, decayed corpse that wants to eat your brains.


The Resident Evil movies have a total of 6 movies all together, and have finally ended them all in The Final Chapter. Alice, Played by Milla Jovovich, is the main role to which the movie is circled around and is in struggle all the time with the Umbrella Corp. Though if you play the video games, she is not character like she is in the films. Which is to bad because I love the bad arse character she is in the movies, she is probably the reason why I continue to watch them.


The last movie picks up after Resident Evil: Retribution where Alice, the last of the survivors, goes back to where the whole thing started to take down the Umbrella Corp before their final strike against the remains of humanity. Sounds awesome right? The video below shows our Alice in total combat mode destroying her enemies on top of a tank like machine. Enjoy ^_^


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