Addressing the Rumours of Lucha Underground Closing

Rumours are swirling like fire on the internet that PCPB’s favourite wrestling promotion Lucha Underground is due to shut up shop. Website Sporkskeeda reports here that Lucha Underground could be closing very soon or morphing into a different product entirely.

I however believe that Lucha Underground is here to stay and I’ll explain why shortly but first let’s address those rumours and put them to rest.

Recently AAA who part own Lucha Underground signed an agreement with Impact Wrestling (formerly TNA), although the terms of the deal were not disclosed, it is likely to include some kind of talent share.  Now Impact has done this in the past with various other promotions for their World Cup series however it was done more on a one off basis than a continual agreement. For AAA to share talent with Impact Wrestling makes zero sense, yes it means more exposure for the talent involved to a generic audience, however certain characters would just fall flat in the Impact Zone.

Could you imagine Texano, Aerostar, Mil Muertes or even my fave Pentagon Jr in Impact Wrestling? Well maybe but how would they be portrayed? Abyss works for Impact as he’s the only kind of character there, as for Suicide he’s just kinda well meh! Plus when you factor in Mil Muertes aka Ricky Banderas has already been in Impact as Judas Mesias, a character that had LOADS of potential but was so badly booked you could imagine Rockstar Spud squashing him. The characters thrive in the environment Lucha Underground has for them and to remove them from this setting would make zero sense.

IF the worst happened and AAA did pull the talent from Lucha Underground hope would not be lost as they still have plenty of talent contracted who would remain and carry the show.. You got the likes of Johnny Mundo (current Lucha Underground Champion), Jack Evans, PJ Black, The Mack, Cage and many more. This is already a better cast than certain other promotions out there, if you pick up some of the free agents such as Aron Rex (WWE’s Damian Sandow) and Stu Bennett (WWE’s Wade Barrett) you got an impressive line up.

Sadly it was reported that AAA figure head Joaquin Roldan recently passed away and this is from where most of the rumours of Lucha Underground shutting have stemmed from. First of all I’d like to offer my condolences to the family of Joaquin who has an incredible talent and revolutionised the industry in Mexico. If you think that AAA has only been going since 1992, which makes me 8 years older, shows us what an awesome and once in a generation talent he was.

Now yes who ever assumes the mantle of AAA Lucha Libre Worldwide may want to cut ties if Lucha Underground but it makes no sense what so ever. Lucha Underground has provided a platform for AAA to promote its talent and shows to a much wider audience in North America. Although yes AAA may now be looking to do this with Impact it started with Lucha Underground and it just works so to cut these ties would be a loss for both sides as AAA currently has Johnny Mundo as it’s main champion.

AAA are only a part owner of Lucha Underground, not full or majority owner, the brains behind the federation may surprise you, you have Mark Burnett (The Voice, Survivor) and Robert Rodriguez (From Dusk Till Dawn, Sin City, Spy Kids), these are VERY powerful people within Hollywood and could cope if AAA pull out. You may be thinking wait they have no wrestling experience? Well among their producers you have Chavo Guerrero of the legendary Guerrero family and ex-WWE writer Chris DeJoseph who is MASSIVELY underrated.

So far we have addresses the rumours of AAA pulling its talent, the partnership with Impact and the possible changes at the top. We’ve countered this with the fact Lucha Underground has plenty of home grown talent and the leadership team to continue. Now let’s answer the next biggest question of where will they air their show?

For those of you not familiar with this promotion, Lucha Underground started life on Robert Rodriguez’s very own network El Rey. They also have partnered up with Netflix to air their previous series and news was very recently announced that they will now be selling their previous series on

It would seem there is no shortage of takers for Lucha Underground except in the UK *HINT HINT* partner with us here at Pop Culture Pipe Bomb, Lucha Underground we love you!!!  To say that Lucha Underground will not continue because it does not have a platform to air it’s shows makes zero sense, yes there is a lot of money involved but other shows continued for years without tcable shows such as Ring of Honor. This argument is just silly.

So here you go, here’s my reason why I strongly believe that Lucha Underground will continue to grow and flourish rather than fade away. For those of who you still doubt me, I told you Impact Wrestling would still continue and who’s wrong now?

I’d like to end this article with a massive shout out to our friends as Lucha Brian, Holly, Marty, Kevin and the rest you all rock!


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  1. Chip Bean
    April 10, 18:44 Chip Bean

    honestly lucha underground can do with out AAA and should go with the crash or american indy talent if AAA want out, just cut them lose before they drag you down.

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  2. bainalan05
    July 07, 14:14 bainalan05

    “There is no shortage of takers for Lucha Underground except in the UK”. The reason for that is the UK is a civilised country where men pretending to beat up women has not been seen as entertaining since the 1970s.
    If Lucha Underground does not can intergender matches it will die and it will deserve to die as it is deliberately cutting down its potential audience as most wrestling fans won’t watch this rubbish.
    Unless or until it gets rid of intergender matches this company is doomed as they are so toxic it puts of most of its potnetial audience. Its up to them.
    My prediction? It will not exist in 2018.

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