AAA Addresses the Lucha Underground / Impact Wrestling Talent Share Agreement

Hi people it’s Skatronixxx here again, with another update on mine and hopefully your favourite wrestling promotion Lucha Underground! A couple of days ago I addressed the rumours that Lucha Underground may be closing here and one of the big points was the talent share agreement with AAA, Lucha Underground and Impact Wrestling. Well I got a huge update for you that is slightly confusing so bear with me on this one!

AAA Vice President Dorian Roldan surprisingly announced that AAA’s deal with Impact Wrestling will allow AAA talent to appear on Lucha Underground and to also appear on Impact Wrestling so in essence they will appear on BOTH SHOWS. So could we see the likes of Angelico and Drago on Impact? Well no, because although the deal allows talent to appear on both shows, it’s not as the same characters! So this means that instead of Angelico we could get Adam Bridle and instead of Drago we could get  El Gato. Confusing eh?

The reason for this is because the characters are partly listed as El Rey’s (the company that owns Lucha Underground) intellectual property. The easy way to think of it, is how Ricochet appears as Prince Puma in Lucha Underground but Ricochet everywhere else. Ricochet was not a fan of the news he took to social media platform twitter to share his thoughts.

This was followed up by a second tweet that seemed to show how unhappy he is within Lucha Underground currently.

This thought may be echoed by other talents within the company, however on a personal note and as a strong supporter of Lucha Underground with many friends in the federation, poor form Ricochet. Yes you are an amazing talent and the work you did outside the company speaks volumes but to badmouth the company that help build you up? Not cool my friend!

I for one think that Impact Wrestling were smart to get a deal with AAA however on a personal note, I’m not happy. Yes I know that they are all businesses and all is fair in love and war so to speak but I don’t see this temporary agreement lasting long. I see it sadly getting messy quickly and AAA, WHAT WERE YOU THINKING? HAVE YOU EVER SEEN IMPACT? Don’t get me wrong Impact is ok, well it’s smeh if I’m honest but their agreement with Lucha Underground was perfect, both shows just well meshed seamlessly together. This new pairing is like the time Pepsi tried to bring out a coffee flavoured cola drink, separately one part is amazing, one ok-ish together it’s just gunna leave a bad taste in my mouth.

It would be a shame for Lucha Underground to lose it’s talent it’s worked so hard to build up but they do have a stacked roster who could cope with the loss of several stars, this would likely mean more pushes for people such as The Mack, Killshot and Joey Ryan to the main event scene.

In other news AAA has also been fighting Fenix and Pentagon Jr over their the rights to their characters so don’t expect two of the most over AAA and Lucha Underground talent to be appearing as themselves on POP TV anytime soon.

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