5 ‘Retired’ Wrestlers Who Could Return to Win the WWE Title


The phrase ‘To Do a Goldberg‘ is quite a new phrase however the idea and notion of it is not actually that new. If you look back over the years many wrestlers have returned to ‘To Do a Goldberg’ you could even go back as far as Bob Backlund returning in the 90’s and winning the title and argue he was the pioneer of this.

However Goldberg was a wrestler who many feel would never return so to see him return and not only that win the title was a massive shock, some could argue that the Rock’s return was not as impactful as it was pretty much a given he’d be given the strap.

Wrestling fans love nostalgia and comebacks even get the biggest pops or biggest heat of the year. So let’s have a look at 5 wrestlers in my eyes who could ‘Do a Goldberg’ and return to win the WWE title.

Notable Mentions – The Undertaker, Christian, Edge, Alberto Del Rio, Rob Van Dam

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