205 Live Results: Gallagher Ready For Fastlane

Yo, what’s up? To all pro wrestling fanatics across this crazy Web called the Internet. I’m the 50 shades in Jack Gallagher’s Earl Of Grey. Here with another Pro Wrestling Beat at PCPB. Cause what? You know it, the beat goes on and on…DIG IT!!!


Speaking of Gentleman Jack, we begin this week’s 205 Live with a flashback of this past Monday episode of RAW. In what was in my opinion the most elegant contract signing in WWE history between Jack Gallagher and WWE Cruiserweight Champion Neville. After both contracts were signed, Jack invited the champ to have tea and biscuits.

Nevelle didn’t appreciate the British “stereotypes” that Jack embodies. Jack says it’s his true nature to be a Gentlemen. The signing went from elegant to explosive, with Neville flipping over the table. The two began to brawl, with Jack taking out the champ with a Headbutt. Neville tried to reenter the ring only to have Jack’s umbrella William The III pointed at his throat. (Jack should get his umbrellas from the Penguin, I mean who’s afraid of a regular umbrella?)

Opening Match: Akira Tozawa Vs. The Brian Kendrick

The match begins with Tozawa again refusing to shake Kendrick’s hand. Instead Akira decides to whoop the daylights out of Kendrick. Tozawa didn’t want to wrestle, he wanted revenge for the beating he took by hands of Kendrick on RAW. Kendrick tried to create space but Akira had too much rage in him. Brian finally got his chance countering with a Shortarm Boot to the face.

Brian realizing he was in a fight smashes Toazawa’s head into the ring post. Kendrick the uses the LED lights on the apron as a weapon. Kendrick used his offense to soften the neck and back of Akira for the Captains Hook. Tozawa’s prowess was too much for Kendrick. Akira landed some stiff shots and fished with a Hurricarana. Kendrick went to the outside to breath. Akira went Lord Raiden between the ropes landing on his opponent.

The two brawl on the outside, but it was Kendrick who was paying attention to refs count. Brian always with a plan, ties Akira’s foot under the ring and returning in time to count out Tozawa.

Winner by count out: The Brian Kendrick

Kendrick was questioned backstage about this being the end to fuel between him and Tozawa. Kendrick said there will be many more lessons for Akira to learn.

Noam Dar is interviewed in regards to Rich Swann disrespectful comments towards Alicia Fox. Dar says there is no drama between him and his girlfriend. Dar dedicated his match tonight to his love Alicia Fooooox.

Singles Match: Noam Dar Vs. Mustafa Ali

Ali and Dar start the match off with some nice counters with Ali getting the best out the exchange. Dar goes to the outside to regroup. The two go at it again and again Ali gets the best of Dar. Noam goes to the outside again intelligently breaking the momentum of Ali. Dar comes in and gives Ali a shot to the gut. It wasn’t enough as Ali comes back with a Spinning Heel Kick.

Dar going back to his strategy of going to the outside when in danger. Ali fed up runs and leaps over the referees back with a front flip dive. As the two battle for the upper hand on the apron, Dar goes low with a shin kick and Ali crashes hard on the apron. Dar turns up the aggression torturing Mustafa’s left arm.

Dar takes Ali to ropes, Ali counters with a Sunset Flip popping up with a Basement Dropkick. Ali using the energy from the WWE Universe to gain momentum catches Dar with a Eziguri and a Rolling Neckbreaker for a near fall. The two continue to battle, Ali again getting the best of the exchange with a Tornado DDT from the corner.

Both men exhausted Ali gets up first, goes to the top rope for a Moonsault. Dar relying on what has worked rolls to the apron to avoid any further damage. Ali grabs Dar by the face getting him on his feet for a Superplex into the ring. Noam holds on to the ropes and tripping Ali. Ali face smacks into the top of the post falling flat on his back. Dar takes advantage striking Mustafa with a stiff running knee for the win; dedication fulfilled.

Winner by pin fall: Noam Dar

Leading into the Main Event, WWE.COM gave more insight to the Neville and Gallagher contract signing from Monday night. Neville felling that Gallagher was a joke now has the Gentlemen on his radar. The King plans on “squashing the cockroach” at Fastlane.

Cameras catch up with Jack warming up for his match. Jack was asked on tonight’s opponent Tony Nese. Jack feels that Nese resembles Neville in strength and speed. Jack feels his footwork and technique will give him the victory tonight and at Fastlane.

Main Event: Gentlemen Jack Gallagher Vs. Tony Nese

The match opened up as expected, Nese relying on his power. Gallagher using his technique gets Tony in a compromising submission. As Nese Pectoral Muscle is being stretched, Jack twirls his mustache and lays back for a rest. Jack using his unorthodox style tries to Nese off his game.

Nese’s power can’t be denied landing a bug kick to back of Jack’s head. Jack tries to fight back but to no avail getting tossed out of ring. Nese flies over the rope for a splash sees that Jack is ready for it lands on the apron. Jack tries to trip Nese. Nese reacts with a cart-wheel off the apron and lands a bug Superkick.

Tony now in full control of the match bearing down Gallagher looking for the win. Jack still with a lot of fight left in him, Tony looks to sap that fight with a Body Scissor. Jack showing some strength of his own powers out of the hold, only to have Nese kick him back down. Jack down but not out fights back with forearms, Dropkicks, European Uppercuts and a Crossbody for a near fall.

Both men looking for the victory with awesome displays of chain wrestling. Pin combination after pin combination, Jack lands a huge Headbutt. Both men struggle to get on their feet. Jack looking for his patent Corner Dropkick, Nese rolls to apron to stop the onslaught. Jack goes to finish off Nese, but Nese catches Jack snapping his throat off the ropes.

Nese comes in the ring puts Jack on the top rope. Tony goes up as well-looking to land something devastating to insure a win. Jack counters with shots and Nese falls into The Tree Of Woe. Nese muscles up and grabs Jack with a German Superplex. Tony still in a daze climbs to the top rope. Gallagher follows Tony and lands a Belly To Back Superplex. Jack gets up and sees a finished Nese in the corner. Jack with the his last burst if energy explodes with his Corner Dropkick for the hard-earned victory.


Winner by pin fall: Gentleman Jack Gallagher





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