WWE 205 Live Results 5/16: TJP Vs. Austin Aries, Will Aries Get His Revenge?

Will TJP finally show his worth to his mentor Neville and finally take out Austin Aries? Has A Double knee recovered enough for his rematch vs TJP? All this and more to be answered on last night’s episode of 205 Live.

Opening Match: Noam Dar W/ Alicia Fox Vs. Gran Metalik 

After Alicia Fox victory over Sasha Banks on Raw this past Monday, will her luck rub off on boyfriend Noam Dar as he faces Gran Metalik?

Metalik Begins the match showing his technical skill against the Scottish Super Nova. Even the motivational kiss from Fox wasn’t enough for Dar to take control of the match.

Metalik began to display his magnificent high-flying Lucha Libre style pushing Dar to his limits.

Alicia uses her “crazy” break the focus of Metalik and lets her boyfriend turn the tide of the battle. Dar began to show that aggressive technical offense that we are used to seeing looking to put away Metalik. Gran creates some space with a countering Suplex. 

Have both men struggle to get on their feet, Dar rises first and charges towards Metalik. Gran quickly takes Dar in head first to the turnbuckle with Drop Toe Hold. Metalik goes back to his Lucha style seeking the victory. Metalik continues to look for the finish using the ropes as his aid. Dar counters using those same ropes as a weapon to take the leg out from under Metalik.

Gran digs deep and slaps the taste out Noam’a mouth. Metalik came close to the win with a Randy Savage like elbow. Dar showing heart and smarts taking the leg from under Gran for the third time.

Dar pounces like a loin to get the win with a Running Enziguri.

Winner via pinfall: Noam Dar W/ Alicia Fox

– We take a look back at last week’s episode of 205 Live were Brian Kendrick doesn’t get his defeat to Akira Tozawa to well and tries to end Akira’s career. 

– Backstage interview with Brian Kendrick to get his thoughts on the Street Fight he has next week on 205 Live against Tozawa. Kendrick feels this Street Fight is right up his ally.

Brian feels this match will allow him to really show his sadistic creativity and give Akira his final lesson.

– Vinyet of the return of Cedric Alexander.

Singles Match: Mustafa Ali Vs. Tony Nese

This is the third encounter between the two on 205 Live, with both men sharing a victory over each other. As Mustafa Ali makes his entrance to the ring, out comes Drew Gulak attacking Ali from behind.

Gulak violently protests his “No Fly Zone” and smashes Ali’s face into the ring post. Gulak offers the unconscious Ali to Tony Nese, as Tony finishes the job with the Running Nese.

– Backstage Rich Swann is asked on his thoughts on the continuing love drama between Dar and Fox. Swann wanted no parts of but thought he made his point of showing that Alicia was no good. A package came for Rich, Swann being aware if his own tricks sent the package to Airya Daivari.

Daivari thinks his new 2,500 dollar sunglasses came in from Dubai. A suspicious Daivari puts the box down only for it to be picked up by Jack Gallagher.

Airya quickly returns and tells Jack to take his hands off his “package.” Gallagher surprisingly agrees and gives the box back to Daivari. A curious Daivari opens the box only for a cloud of baby powder to shoot out. Ariya is livid that his 1,500 dollar shirt is ruined.

Main Event: TJP Vs. Austin Aries

TJP Hopes to gain favor and a Cruiserweight Title opportunity if he defeats and takes out Austin Aries. Tjp has had multiple chances to take out Aries for his mental Neville but to no avail.

Perkins came close though injuring the knee of Austin, but a dog has too much heart and title ambition to let at sidekick still his chance at glory. TJP begins the match wanted no part of Aries. Perkins uses this to try and take control of the match.

Aries will for revenge is too strong and takes early control of the bout. Aries immediately looks for the win with the Last Chancery. Perkins fights free and rolls to the outside. Perkins has nowhere to hide as Austin flies to the outside with a Suicide Dive.

Aries takes the fight back into the ring to continue his beat down on TJP. Perkins catches an overzealous Aries slipping escaping from the ropes and landing a Dropkick targeted towards Aries injured knee.

Perkins begins to viciously attack the knee of Arie using the ropes for leverage. TJ wants Austin out of the picture so he can become the #1 contender to face Neville at Extreme Rules. Perkins continues to target the knee, but Aries creates space with his Ear Clap.

Austin begins to pick up momentum coming within milliseconds of getting the victory. No matter how much offence Aries takes off, Perkins just goes right back to the injured knee to turn the tide.

TJP delivers a Springboard Dropkick for a near fall. Perkins tries for his finisher but gets reversed, but Perkins transitions into a victory roll while pulling the tights. Aries still manages to push free, thrusting Perkins across the ring to the outside.

Aries puts caution to the wind ad lands another Suicide Dive. As both men reenter the ring, Aries goes to the top rope. The dive to the outside took a toll on Aries as he struggles to reach the top rope.

Perkins takes full advantage attacking the knee yet again. Perkins locks in the Kneebar, repositioning to the middle of the ring Aries no chance of reaching the ropes. Aries came so close to tapping, but the overly aggressive TJ was caught using the bottom rope for leverage.

The referee breaks TJ grip instead of disqualifying him. TJ goes for the Dedination Kick but is beautifully reversed by Aries into the Last Chancery. TJP has no other choice but to tap out.

Winner via tap out: Austin Aries

Austin didn’t even get the chance to get his arm raised when he is attacked from behind by Neville. The champ looked to take Aries out once and for all. Jack Gallagher storms out to the ring in aid of Aries, taking out Neville with his infamous Headbutt.


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