WWE 205 Live Results 3/7: The In-Ring Return Of Austin Aries

What’s up pro wrestling fanatics? I’m Danny Finnz Of PCPB here to give a brief look back of WWE 205 Live just in case you missed it. Don’t forget for your pro wrestling fix it’s here at The Pro Wrestling Beat. Cause what? That’s right, and the Beat goes on and on…DIG IT!!!

Just in case you’re a bit behind, you can read last week’s episode (here.) OK, this week episode od 205 Live was in the home of the NFL’s Colts Indianapolis, Indiana. 

The show begins with a recap of Raw with Austin Aries interviewing the Cruiserweight Champion Neville. The interview goes astray ending with A Dub knocking the King on his royal arse.

Neville (Left) being interviewed by Austin Aries. (Right)


Opening In-Ring Interview:

The show opens up with an awesome in-ring interview with Austin Aries, given by…Austin Areis. Aries states he learned about earning respect and making statements in grade school. (I guess in shop class the kids learned how to make a shank.) Aries says he has once and for all put aside his expert journalism to come back to his expert wrestling. Outcomes Neville to figure out if Aries is serious or maybe he had a lapse in judgment for his actions on Monday night.

Aries in an interview with himself.


After the two debate on who’s on the upper level of the division, Aries challenges Neville to a fight. The champ intelligently declines, stating there’s a bunch of guys in the back willing to step being that they feel that Aries doesn’t deserve to be in the title contending spot. Aries accepts the challenge knowing that he’s on the A double level over the rest.

In the locker room, we catch Jack Gallagher is getting dancing lessons from Rich Swann. Noam Dar interrupts the lessons slyly trying to find out who truly deliver flowers to his Alicia Foooox. Dar is playing to be unconcerned; Dar tells Swann and Gallagher to be prepared for their match tonight.

Tag Team Match: Noam Dar & Ariya Davari Vs. Rich Swann Jack & Gallagher

Shots of last night’s action Aries and Nese (Left) Gallagher and Davari (Right)

This tag match showed incredible athleticism and technical skill from all combatants. Dar and Davari took control of the match, making quick tags and delivering high impact moves. Swann finally makes a much-needed tag to Gallagher. Gallagher cleans out the ring, but Davari and Dar takes over the match again. With Dar and Davari on the cusp of victory, Jack makes a blind tag to Swann. Both Jack and Swann deliver their finishing moves to a bewildered Dar and Davari with Swann getting the pin for the win.

After the match, a late delivery of chocolates was given to Alicia Fox by Noam Dar. (Or it would seem.)

Winners by pinfall: Jack Gallagher & Rich Swann

Backstage Interview W The Brian Kendrick:

Brian was asked for his thoughts on the challenge that was laid out by Akira Tozawa. Kendrick feels that Akira still had a lot to learn so more lessons must be taught.


Singles Match: Akira Tozawa Vs. Brian Kendrick

Akira Tozawa is in the ring with for his “teacher”. Kendrick walks to the ring and immediately grabs the microphone. Kendrick has another lesson for Tozawa. Today’s lesson is on reading the fine print. Brian states that there is a match with Akira but it’s was agreed that it would be against a Brian Kendrick, not The Brian Kendrick.

Singles Match Akira Tozawa Vs. Bryan Kendrick

Akira frustrated begins to destroy his “substitute teacher.” Tozawa is spending too much time wanting Kendrick to see the massacre, Bryan lands a cheap shot to the back of Tazowa. Bryan tries to pick up some momentum, but Akira is too much taking Bryan out with his signature German Suplex.

Winner by pinfall: Akira Tozawa

Backstage Interview With Neville:

Neville was asked on his thoughts on the in-ring return of Austin Aries. Neville reiterates on Aries not deserving to be at the top spot, and that Aries will get his comeuppance tonight.

Challenge Match: Austin Aries Vs. Tony Nese

Photo courtesy of WWE.com

Tony Nese accepted the open challenge and attempted to spoil the muck anticipated in-ring return of Austin Aries. Aries, immediately showing his lack of respect giving Nese a two-fingered handshake. Both men begin by feeling each other out being it’s the first encounter between the two on 205 Live. Nese is usual relying on his power but Aries counters with his technical skill and ring IQ.

Both combatants battle back and forth with Aries coming out on top of each exchange. Austin using his mind games (one of Aries many tools) to get Nese off his game. As Aries tries to land on his feet countering a backdrop hit his knee hits the ropes and apron on his way to the ring floor. Nese thinking he’s in the driver’s seat grabs Aries to inflict some punishment. Aries playing possum takes full control of the match.

Aries showing that he’s back and never fell off delivers some high impact moves. Aries even gave us a taste of some new weapons in the arsenal. Austin feeling in complete control takes his time climbing to the top rope. Nese with time to recover knocks Aries down to turn the tide. Nese is now showing Aries that he made his return too soon begins to on the offensive. Nese wants Aries to know that he doesn’t belong in the ring but back at the announce table. Nese continues to show off his power and athleticism letting Aries know that he’s the Premier Athlete.

Nese, not realising as he slaps the face of Aries over and over that a fire was beginning to grow inside of A Dub. Aries explodes with a series of forearm shots finishing with his familiar STO. Nese still had a little fight left in him countering Aries with a huge Sit-Out Powerbomb for the two count. Aries digs deep pulling out his Roaring Forearm for a successful in-ring return.

Winner by pinfall: Austin Aries



The Good
  • Austin Aries showed very little ring rust. Nese proving he belongs in the Main Event picture.
The Bad
  • Wanted to see Rich Swann a little more involved in the match.
4 Great

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