205 Live Results 3/14: Austin Aries Earns Shot At Wrestlemania To Dethrone The King

What’s up? To all pro wrestling fans, I’m Danny Finn of Pop Culture Pipe Bomb with another Pro Wrestling Beat. Cause what? You know it, the Beat goes on and on…DIG IT!!! A champion as been chosen to face the king in glorious combat on the grandest stage.

Fatal 5 Way to determine the #1 contender for the Cruiserweight Title

This week episode of 205 Live a Fatal 5-Way was determined to see who will face Neville at this year’s Wrestlemania.


Speaking of the “The King Of The Cruiserweights,” 205 Live opened up with your majesty addressing the WWE Universe. Neville reminisced on breaking his ankle a year ago and being robbed of his Wrestlemania moment. The champ felt he was forgotten by the fans and now because of that betrayal he is more ruthless than ever. Neville doesn’t care who comes out on top of tonight’s main event because they will lay at his feet at Wrestlemania.

Opening Match: Mustafa Ali Vs. Drew Gulak

Gulak begins the contest extremely aggressive, but Ali counters showing off his aerial skill with a Springboard Head scissors. Ali followed with a Flying Cross Body, crashing onto Gulak on the outside. Ali goes for a Monkey Flip, Gulak counters but gets trapped in a Guillotine Choke. Gulak relying on his strength slamming Ali to get himself out the hold. Drew went back to ruthless tactics adding some of his technical skill stretching out Ali with a Gory Special.

Gulak transitioned the submission into a Backside for a two count. Ali digged deep within fighting to create some space. A battered Ali lays in the corner, Gulak tries to take advantage charging in. Ali escapes through the ropes, coming back in with a Rolling Neckbreaker. Both combatants trying to gain momentum out of nowhere Gulak rolls under Ali’s Leapfrog simultaneously catching Ali by his waist in a Sunset Flip for a near fall.

Gulak Irish Whips Ali back into corner. Gulak for a second time charges in and for a second time is countered this time with a Tornado DDT. Ali drags Gulak into position for a magnificent Inverted Shooting Star Press for the win.

Winner by pin fall: Mustafa Ali

After the match, a frustrated Drew Gulak grabs the microphone and unleashes a rant to the WWE Universe on how he deserves better and how 205 Live needs to change.

Next, we see Ariya Davari in final preparations is interrupted by his Noam Dar. Dar requested to pair up again with Davari to get revenge on Jack Gallagher and Rich Swann for last week’s defeat. Dar feels that he needs this victory for his beautiful Alicia Fox.

Tag Team Match: Ariya Davari & Noam Dar w/ Alicia Fox Vs. Rich Swann & Jack Gallagher

Gallagher and Dar get things started with some wrestling 101. Dar sends Gallagher to the corner, but Gallagher does his signature handstand on the top ropes. Davari in frustration tries to take out Jack. Davari misses but gets to take out Swann instead. Ariya now in the match with his mind strictly on victory. Dar is tagged back in unlike his partner Dar is trying to impress his girlfriend but to no avail. Both sides make the necessary tags but Swann being the fresher man came I  with a fury like no other. Swann goes for the win with a Rolling Thunder, but Davari kicks out. Swann unaware of the blind tag gets caught off guard with a Enziguri by Dar and pinned for the 1-2-3.

Winner by pin fall: Noam Dar w/ Alicia Fox & Ariya Davari

Noam Dar continues to show his affection dedicating his victory to Fox. Surprisingly to Dar comes another delivery. Dar snatches the gift and with his smooth words awards the gift to his Alicia Foooxxx.

Fatal 5 Way Elimination Match: Austin Aries, Tony Nese, Akira Tozawa, Brian Kendrick, TJ Perkins

This match will determine who will face Neville at Wrestlemania for the WWE Cruiserweight Title. All five men well aware of what’s at stake in unison points at the giant Wrestlemania logo that hangs in the rafters. A Dub decides to take a rest on the top rope. Kendrick slyly goes to the outside with Tozawa beckoning him to fight. Nese knocks the distracted Tozawa out the ring. TJ now goes on the offensive kicking Nese into the corner. TJ them charges but Nese well-prepared flips TJ over to the apron. Perkins agile as a cat lands on his feet. Nese again one step ahead elbows Perkins to the floor.

Aries out of nowhere flies in with a Dropkick. Nese rolls to the ring floor to shake out the cobwebs. Aries and Perkins now face off displaying their skill countering each other moves. TJ first to strike with a Flying Flask followed by a Dropkick. TJ gives Aries the “Dab” showing Aries he’s here to win. Aries not impressed continues to attack, Perkins, having Austin well-scouted presses forward. Aries being the wily veteran is a step ahead lands a Basement Dropkick.

A goes to the second rope and delivers an elbow to the spine of Perkins. TJ in pain rolls to the outside while Aries gives his own but hilarious version of the “Dab.” Kendrick sneaks back into the ring and clobber Aries in the back. Tozawa comes and scares Kendrick back out the ring and knocks a recuperated Nese back outside. Kendrick drags Tozawa to the outside and slams his face into the announce table. Aries now up dives through the ropes like a missile taking out Nese. 

Kendrick and Aries now in the ring looking for the win. Kendrick temporary takes control of the match but loses it abruptly by Perkins. Perkins is dropped by Nese, now Nese has TJ in the middle of the ring wearing him down with a Body Scissor. Perkins trying to create separation gets saves by Tozawa. Akira came close to eliminating Nese with his German Suplex. Kendrick foolishly breaks the pin wanting Tozawa to himself. Tozawa went on the chase for Kendrick, but Perkins interferes with a Suicide Dive. Austin tries to one up with a dive of is own but pushed by Kendrick with Aries crashing to the outside floor.

Nese seeking revenge for the Dropkick by Aries delivers a brutal Running Nese driving Aries head thought the barricades. With Aries out of the picture, Nese turns his focus onto Perkins. Nese was now looking to eliminate Perkins, but Perkins had other plans making Nese tap-out with an Armbar. Nese frustrated attacks TJ, Tozawa comes the TJ’s aid and removes Nese from the ring. Kendrick always with a plan creeps behind Tozawa striking with Slice Bread #2 eliminating Akira.

Kendrick turned his attention to the weakened Perkins with a Captain’s Hook. TJ fights it off, so Kendrick tries for Slice Bread #2. As TJ tries to counter the finisher, in comes Aries grabbing TJ from under muscling a Powerbomb with Kendrick simultaneously delivering Slice Bread #2. All three men dazed Aries and Perkins knock Kendrick out the ring. With Perkins and Aries battle for the victory, Kendrick sneaky as always trips Perkins pinning him with Aries on top for extra leverage to ensure Perkins elimination.

A bitter Perkins seeker redemption kicking Kendrick to the back of the head. As Kendrick and Perkins struggle on the apron, Aries tries to take out Kendrick with the Roaring Forearm. Kendrick ducks out the way with Aries KOing TJ. Kendrick lands another Slice Bread #2 for one of the closest near falls in history. Kendrick than locks in the Captain’s Hook. Aries battles back to his feet feeding off the energy of the WWE Universe chanting his name. Aries then flips out of the hold, Irish Whips Kendrick to the ropes and comes across the other side blasting Kendrick with a Roaring Forearm for the  1-2-3. Aries has earned his shot at the crown at Wrestlemania against “King” Neville.

Winner by pinfall: Austin Aries

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