205 Live Results 2/28: The King Gives Court

What’s up to all pro wrestling fanatics across the world. I’m the pollen in Alicia Fox flowers Danny Finnz of PCPB with another Pro Wrestling Beat. Cause what? You guessed it. The beat goes on and on…DIG IT!!!

Real quick, I want to wish me Mum a big happy birthday LOVE YOU. Yes, OK I wiped my tears on with 205 Live BAY-BE. One thing I give WWE credit for if nothing else, they create badass vignettes. This vignette was the final buildup for Neville and Jack Gallagher for the WWE Cruiserweight Championship at Fastlane this Sunday. Which took place this past Monday on RAW.

Next, an interview with Gentleman Jack. Mr. Gallagher states that the sun will set on “King’s” empire this Sunday proving that a Gentleman can defeat a King. We will hear from Neville later on as the King gives his Adress to the WWE Universe.

Opening Match: Noam Dar W/ Alicia Fox Vs. Lince Dorado

The match opens with a boutique of flowers delivered to Alicia. This immediately throws Dar off his game. Lince takes advantage and looking for the quick finish. Dar fights back but still distracted by Alicia who really seems to enjoy her gift. (Personally, I hate this psycho gimmick with Alicia…There I said it.)

Dar grounds Lince and begins to wear down the Golden Linx. Arm nor chin locks could keep Lince down. Dorado drips down with a Jawbreaker creating space. Lince fired up, using speed and great footwork goes to town on Dar. WWE cameras give us a lot at Rich Swann enjoying Lince’s work. Maybe he sent the flowers to Fox? From Over the head Belly to Belly Suplex, Headscissors to Tilt A Whirl Backbreaker finishing with a Spring board Stunner for the near fall.

Lince goes to the top rope to finish the job, Dar recognizing goes to push-off Lince. Lince leaps over rolling to his feet but Dr was there with a sweet Leg Kick. Dar waits patiently for Lince to get to his feet to and a sick Leaping Enziguri for the win.

Winner by pin fall: Noam Dar W/ Alicia Fox

After the match, Dar goes in the mic expressing his love for Alicia. Stating her flowers beauty couldn’t compete to hers. (I guess Swann didn’t send the flowers.)

In-Ring interview W/ Akira Tozawa

In the ring, Austin Aries has an exclusive with Akira Tozawa. Aries wanted to know how Akira felt about The Brian Kendrick offer to be his protegé. Tozawa simply said he wants to make it on his own. Aries shows Tozawa a few clips of Kendrick’s “lessons” over the past couple of weeks. Aries wanted to know how this made Akira feel? Tozawa fiercely replied he wanted to fight.

Out comes Kendrick with a couple of questions of his own. Brian wanted to know what made Akira think that he could insult a former champion asking for a fight? And how he could he make it work him? It really didn’t matter to Kendrick all he wanted to get under Tozawa’s skin setting Akira up for lesson #4.

Six Man Tag Match: Tony Nese Drew Gula Ariya Davari Vs. T.J Perkins Mustafa Ali Cedric Alexander

Ali and Nese start things off. Nese relying on his and Ali on his speed. Ali and Co. make quick tags working over Nese’s arm. TJ gets tagged in again continuing to punish Nese’s arm. Nese attempts to break free but TJ counters with a leaping armbar. Davari comes in to break the hold but TJ sees it moving it out the way. TJ throws Davari out of the ring with Cedric following up kicking Davari in the face.

Gulak smashes Cedric from behind but TJ was there to dump Drew to the outside as well. Mustafa wanting in on the action goes up with a Springboard Cross body to the floor. TJ tried for a big move but is tripped up and dragged to the outside by Nese. With the tide turned Davari is tagged in to work over TJ. Gulak cones in and locks in the Gory Special ripping at the pectoral muscles of Perkins.

Team heel, now cutting off the ring continues to abuse TJ. TJ lands a Mile kick creating some space for the tag. In comes Ali and Gulak. Gulak quickly gets countered with a stiff kick and a rolling Neckbreaker. Ali goes to the top rope but a still fresh Gulak grabs Ali into the Torture Rack Slam for a two count. The match breaks down, both sides showing off their athleticism with Cedric taking out everyone with a Senton Slash to the outside.

The legal men remaining in the ring were Gulak and Ali. Gulak charges at Ali but is meet with a Tornado DDT. Ali goes up and lands a gorgeous Inverted 450 Slash. 1,2…Davari puts Gulak’s leg on the bottom rope preventing the victory. Davari then distracts the referee long enough for Nese to sneak in and German Suplex Aliintoo the turnbuckle.

Both Ali and Gulak makes a much-needed tags. In comes Perkins and Nese. TJ delivers the Detonation Kick, again Davari saves the day. (MVP work for the hometown boy Davari.) Cedric out of nowhere Springborard Clothesline taking out Davari. As the ref tried to get Alexander out of the ring TJ is tripped off the tip ropes by Gulak. Nese takes advantage, first taking out Cedric then  finishing TJ with thee Running Nese for the win.

Winners by pin fall: Drew Gulak Ariya Davari Tony Nese

We get another amazing vignette from the WWE of the return of Mr. A Double himself Austin Aries.

Neville’s Adress to the WWE Universe:

The Kings begins with a “history lesson” of the CW Division. Neville feels that the 205 Live was created got the Cruiserweights in the world. The insult was, how can this be done with the best Cruiserweight. As “chaos and anarchy” ran through the division, a “King” came and restored order. Neville feeling unprecedented for his efforts blames the WWE Universe for instead cheering for a “character” like Jack Gallagher.

For the WWE Universe insubordinate the King must “execute” Jack at Fastlane. Gallagher cones to the ring to confront Neville for his comments. As a gentleman, Jack asks for forgiveness for his interruption. Jake felt that Neville was having a “meltdown” and wanted to relax him with a cup of Tea and Biscuits. The WWE Universe thought it was a good idea as they chanted it over and over again.

Neville didn’t see it that way and advised Jack to stop before Fastlane came early. Gallagher reminded Neville that the ring didn’t belong to him it belonged to the fans. Jake finished his point knocking the champ down. Neville fired back stomping the challenger over and over. Jack roars back with a series of Dropkicks completing it with a monstrous Soccer Headbutt. With this be Neville’s future or will the King successfully defend his crown this Sunday at Fastlane.

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