Lucha Underground Results 31/5: Johnny Mundo and The Mack go ‘All Night Long’

The show opens with a flashback to The Mack sat with Sexy Star talking about how they can’t let Johnny Mundo steal the title from her. I liked this pairing and the fact that Lucha Underground chose to put their main strap on a woman. Sod all this talk about WWE starting the women’s revolution, it started in Impact Wrestling and then moved here. For the WWE to claim all the credit and glory is a spit in the face of this company and numerous other companies for the hard work they have done to put womens wrestling back on the map as a legitimate completion.  Yes WWE has helped to get womens wrestling attention in the mainstream eyes but to say they are the sole driving force? Piss off WWE! Anyway I digress.

I seriously cannot fault Lucha Underground for their production values, that 10 second clip was more expertly put together than anything the WWE has done in recent years. Lucha Underground production value is one of the main reasons I love it. Yes it can be over the top and yes it is crazy at times but you find yourself more emotionally invested in an episode of Lucha Underground then you ever would in WWE or Impact Wrestling.

Cue flash forward to the moment Taya hits Sexy Star with the brass knucks during the match with Johnny Mundo, allowing Johnny to pick up the win and the title. Although I was kinda gutted to see Sexy Star lose the title I’ve been really surprised and how Johnny Mundo has carried himself since winning the title. I was worried since he had to cheat to win the title he may have been booked as the typical chicken shit heel we’ve seen over the years. His booking since winning the title actually reminded me of how Hulk Hogan carried a company with all the over the top PR e.g. interviews, music videos … I was pleased that the ‘Shaman Of Sexy’ has finally been given a chance to show what he could do.  This is yet another note of WWE not knowing how to book their talent.

We then skip forward to see The Mack earning his title shot before being told that his match with Johnny Mundo will not actually be for the title but the right to choose the stipulation to their title match.  I love Dario Cueto he reminds me of an old school Vince McMahon, I think the fact Lucha Underground actually hired a professional actor to play this role shows with his delivery and believability.  This is the opposite with Vinny Mac as you know he’d never let a face kick his ass, he could just fire them on the spot, whereas with Dario as he does not own the company you know he can truly screw over the fan faves for his own amusement.

During the match The Mack looked to be in control until the typical impending distraction, 1,2,3, post-match beatdown  and announcement that the match between Johnny Mundo and The Mack will be an All Night Long match cough  *iron man match* cough. Seriously Lucha why not just call it an iron man match? Unless the WWE owns the rights you just made the match sound like a porno

The focus seems to be on how Johnny Mundo believes that The Mack does not have the stamina to last all night long (again another porno reference) until The Mack enters clears house and declares that he is gunna kick a terrified looking Johnny Mundo’s ass all night long!

The Mack is a beast, he does moves that a man his size should not be able too reminiscent of the late, great Bam bam Bigelow. When you combine this with the fact he does the next best stunner after Stone Cold Steve Austin and DDP (sorry Randy Orton) and his charisma akin to The Rock. You got all the traits needed for a monster face.

So who will win? The leader of the Worldwide Underground Johnny Mundo or the peoples ‘unofficial champ’ The Mack? Let’s find out in Lucha Underground: ‘All Night Long’.

The show opens with the Spanish house band and Matt Striker welcoming us to the show. The fact we have a house band for a show is refreshing and helps us immediate connect with that Hispanic vibe they are trying to achieve. I’ve always been a fan of Matt Striker and think he’s truly found his niche in Lucha Underground, right now he has to actually be the best commentator out there. If you are prepared to bash me for that, check out his recent work. Yes I know JR is a ledge but he rarely does commentary these days, JBL is a bully, Michael Cole has gotten lazy, Corey Graves is too raw, who else is there David Otunga?

As Matt reads his intro the hardcore legend I was distracted that is his partner on commentary the hardcore hero that is Vampiro is slowly morphing more and more into a British bouncer. I mean check out that jacket!

We then cut to the ring announcer Melissa Santos who announces the match, she is awesome the WWE could do with someone of her talent, she really gets fans hyped for the match. When was the last time an announcer did this? I can’t think of a time in recent memory.

The stipulation for the match is announced that whoever gets the most pinfalls or submissions by the end of the match will be the champion.

We then see The Mack looking focused with Matt Striker hyping him up saying that he has earned his place here for all the setback, pain and anguish he has had. They seem to be doing one hell of a job of building The Mack up, could we see him win tonight? One thing is for certain the crowd would go NUTS!

We then see Johnny Mundo introduced to the crowd who vehemently boo him yet also cheer him??? The commentators then go on to say everything seems to be in Johnny Mundo’s favour. Could we see an underdog upset happen?

My main man Marty Elias is ref for the match, I have gotten to know Marty outside of this show and he is a true professional and awesome guy I’m proud to call a friend. I’m gunna be forcing Lady S to watch this match and point out my buddy haha.

The hype from the crowd seems to be something that the WWE is missing The Temple has an awesome atmosphere and regularly adds to the match. Perhaps this is something the WWE is missing and they should be televising at smaller venues to rebuild the crowd engagement.

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